Q2 Vocab ENG10

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  1. countenance 
    n. face, facial expression
  2. earnest
    adj. sincere, serious, intent
  3. officious
    adj. too eager to advise or help; meddlesome
  4. trifle
    • n. something of little importance or value
    • vi. 1. to wastetime
    • 2. to treat something as if it were insignificant
  5. munificent
    adj. liberal, generous in giving; lavish
  6. ample 
    adj. more than adequate in size or scope
  7. warrant
    • n. 1. authorization, sanction 
    • 2. justification for an action or belief; grounds
    • vt. to justify
  8. writhe
     vi. to twist or squirm in pain
  9. obscene 
    adj. offending modesty; disgusting
  10. vile 
    adj. wretchedly bad, offensive, unpleasant
  11. zest
    • n. 1. delightful savor
    • 2. keen enjoyment
  12. ardent
    adj. eager, devoted
  13. coy 
    adj. shy, esp. in a flirtatious way
  14. quaint 
    adj. pleasingly old-fashioned or odd
  15. amorous
    adj. moved by sexual love
  16. languish
    vi. to become weak; to pine away sadly
  17. mete
    vt. to measure (usu. with out)
  18. dole 
    vt. to distribute, esp. as charity (usu. with out)
  19. lees 
    n. (always plural) the sediment of a wine; the last remaining part
  20. vex 
    vt. to annoy
  21. burnish 
    vt. to polish
  22. discern 
    vt. to perceive accurately, recognize, understand or distinguish
  23. prudence 
    n. wisdom; cautious, sensible judgment
  24. wrought 
    • adj. 1. carefully crafted 
    • 2. excited (usu. with up)
  25. wane 
    vi. to decrease or diminish
  26. smite
    vt. to strike sharply, esp. by hand
  27. furrow 
    n. trench, rut, groove, esp. caused by plowing
  28. abide
    • vi. to remain
    • vi. (usu. with by) or vt. to accept patiently
  29. linger 
    • vi. 1. to be slow to leave or quit
    • 2. to remain alive
    • 3. to procrastinate
  30. pomp
    n. ostentatious display of splendor
  31. tether 
    • n. 1. a rope used to limit an animal’s movement
    • 2. the limit of one’s strength or resources
    • vt. to fasten or restrain
  32. mortgage 
    • n. a legal agreement to convey property upon payment
    • vt. to grant or convey by a mortgage; to pledge
  33. thrift 
    n. economical management
  34. lavish 
    • adj. giving or given abundantly; profuse
    • vt. to expend profusely; to squander
  35. vice 
    n. an immoral or evil habit or practice
  36. folly 
    n. foolish act or idea
  37. quarry 
    • n. 1. a hunted animal
    • 2. a pit or excavation
  38. pander
    • n. 1. a go-between in a sexual intrigue; a pimp
    • 2. one who caters to people’s desires or weaknesses
    • vi. (with to) to provide gratification for others
  39. carouse
    vi. to celebrate noisily and drunkenly
  40. willful 
    • adj. 1. stubborn, headstrong
    • 2. intentional, voluntary
  41. harried 
    adj. beset by problems
  42. ordain 
    • vt. 1. to invest officially with priestly authority
    • 2. to establish by decree. vt. to issue an order
  43. courier 
    n. messenger
  44. beguile 
    • vt. 1. to deceive
    • 2. to charm
  45. ambrosia 
    n. the food of the gods; something delicious
  46. reproof 
    n. criticism for a fault
  47. ravenous 
    adj. greedily hungry
  48. restitution 
    n. restoration or repayment for wrongful harm or loss
  49. begrudge
    vt. to yield reluctantly
  50. carrion 
    n. dead, decaying flesh
  51. invocation 
    n. a formal calling for help
  52. scion 
    n. descendant, child
  53. doldrums 
    n. a listless or inactive spell
  54. venerable 
    adj. deserving respect, esp. from old age
  55. buffet 
    • vt. to strike, esp. with the hand
    • n. a blow
  56. succumb 
    vi. to yield to greater power
  57. limpid 
    adj. clear, transparent
  58. comely 
    adj. appealing to the eye
  59. dally 
    • vi. 1. to linger, delay
    • 2. to trifle; to play at something serious
  60. ravage 
    • vt. to damage or destroy
    • n. damage, as by attack
  61. profusion 
    n. great abundance; lavish supply
  62. disdain 
    • vt. to scorn
    • n. disdain.  The snob felt disdain for people like me (?)
  63. rancor 
    n. bitter ill-will
  64. largesse 
    n. generous giving
  65. calamitous 
    adj. distressful, disastrous
  66. contentious 
    • adj. likely to cause disputes
    • 2. quarrelsome
  67. felicity 
    n. happiness
  68. incur 
    • vt. 1. to become subject to
    • 2. to bring down upon oneself
  69. gall 
    • vt. to irritate
    • n. shameless boldness
  70. crux 
    n. an essential point or issue
  71. amenities 
    n. convenient features
  72. imperious 
    adj. commanding, arrogant
  73. sequester 
    vt. to set apart, segregate
  74. quandary 
    n. a state of perplexity or doubt
  75. dissemble
    • vt. to disguise under a false appearance
    • vi. to conceal the truth or one’s feelings
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