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  1. garlic
    antioxidant, lowers chol
  2. ginko
    mental alertness, antioxidant, bleeding
  3. echinacea
    helps with cold symptoms
  4. black cohosh
    • hot flashes
    • GI symptoms
    • interax causes hypoglycemia, hypotension
  5. saw palmetto
    • helps with urinary issues of prostate enlargement
    • interacts with Proscar
  6. ma-huang
    • component of epedra
    • (upper SE)
  7. st johns wort
    • mild depression
    • photosensitivity
  8. eulixin (androgen receptor blocker)
    prostate CA. combined with castration
  9. Lupron
    • suppresses testosterone production
    • (at first, increase, flare up sx)
  10. Flagyl (metrondiazole)
    • trichomonas infx
    • avoid alcohol for few days!
    • avoid in first trimester of preg!
  11. vit E
    uncommon besides malabsorption
  12. vit K
    • def: bleeding tendencies
    • IV use severe hypersensitivity
  13. vit A
    • deficiency: night blindness
    • toxic: birth def, liver, bone disorders
  14. vitD
    • deficiency: rickets, osteomalacia
    • ^: hypercalcemia
  15. fat soluble vits?
    E, K, A, D
  16. water soluble vits?
    vit C, B1, B6, B12
  17. vit C?
    deficiency: bone and tooth development
  18. vit B1 (thiamin)
    • deficiency: common in alcoholics
    • Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome - CNS effects
    • IV replacement
  19. thiamine deficiency?
    r/t alcoholism.  Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome with CNS and neuro effects
  20. vit B6 (pyridoxine)?
    • deficiency: peripheral neuritis
    • commonly seen in alcoholics, pts on INH therapy
  21. isoniazid (isotamine)
    • Tb treatment - highly selective
    • msut be taken for 6 months atleast

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pharm final
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