Old & Modern Tv Shows

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  1. This guy was yellow and poreous. Who is he?
  2. She is a spanish speaking character beloved by the little children. What was the show called?
    Dora The Explorer!
  3. This is a show which is considered creepy by some people. It is a show that is beloved by many children with a smiling sun and interesting outfits. What was the show called?
    The Teletubbies!
  4. This is a big ol' jolly purple fellow. What was the show called?
  5. This guy had a train and was a friendly neighbor. What was the show called?
    Mr. Rogers!
  6. She was a witch stuck in a messed up family. What was the show called?
  7. This was a show about a cat and a dog living together. What was the show called?
  8. This was a show with multiple babies and is still played today. It had many movies. What was the show called?
    The Rugrats!
  9. This show is about a terrified dog in the middle of a desert. What was the show called?
    Courage the Cowardly Dog!
  10. This was about a big ol' red dog who just wanted to do good! What was the show called?
  11. This was about a guy and all he wanted to do was build. What was the show called?
    Bob The Builder
  12. This was a show about a green, red, and yellow person which had superpowers! What was the show called?
    Power Rangers!
  13. This was about a dog and two guys and two girls which emarked on journeys to break the biggest of mysteries. What was the show called?
  14. This was show on cartoon network all about two guys and a plan. What was the show called?
    Ed, Edd, and Eddy!
  15. This is one of the most beloved shows and a best selling video game involving fantasy creatures. What was the show called?
  16. A spin off of pokemon this show was another smashing success!
  17. This is a bit more mature of a show created by Seth Rogan. What was the show called?
    Family Guy
  18. The longest running tv show that has been passed from family to family. What was the show called?
    The Simpsons!
  19. The most mature show on TV. What was the show called?
    South Park!
  20. This was a racing show about a girl named penelope! What was the show called?
    Speed Racer!
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