BC-NE review: Leadership Management

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  1. list Leadership Theories
    Trait, Behavioral, Contingency, Contemporary,  
  2. Contemporary Theories
    charismatic, transactional, transformational, connective, shared, servent
  3. Trait theory
    leadership is to possess certain traits that put into action acheive success: drive, persistance, creative problem-solving, initiative, self-confidence, acceptence of consequences, resilience, tolerance, influence others, structure socail interactions, intelligence, integrity, nonconformity, cooperativeness, tact
  4. Behavioral Theory
    No matter the character or leaders what they do is the focus
  5. Behaviorists catagories by practice styles
    Autocratic, Democratic, Permissive, Bureaucratic
  6. Autocratic Behavioral type
    purport to change the behavior of subordinates through external control- coercion, authority, punishment, and power
  7. Democratic Behavioral type
    appeal to the drive of their subordinates and influees change through paricipation, involement of subordinates in goal setting and collaboration...  Get staff to set goals and ways to acheive them
  8. Permissive Behavioral type
    also known as laissez-faire or hands off.  assumes people are able to make their own decision and complete their work unaided.  
  9. Bureaucratic Behavioral type
    leaders rely on organizational policies and rules to influence the behavior of staff.  enforce policy and procedure.
  10. External Behavioral theories
    Autocratic and Bureaucratic
  11. Internal Behavioral theories
    Democratic and Permissive (laissez-faire)
  12. Contingency Theory 
    Theory that the leadership type  must be adapted to the situation at hand.   (or situational leadership)
  13. 3 leadership factors that influence outcomes: (Fred Fielder)
    Manager-follower relationship

    Task structure

    Position power
  14. Manager-follower relationship
    To what degree does a manager enjoy the loyalty and support of their subordinates?
  15. Task structure
    to what degree is the task clearly described or the operating procedures in place to guarantee a successful outcome? 
  16. Position power
    To what degree is the manager able to administer rewards and punishment
  17. Contemporary Theories
    Newer concepts of leadership are an amalgam of prior work in the field and include such descriptors as charismatic  transactional  transformational, connective, shared, and servant leadership.  
  18. Charismatic Leaders
    those who have the ability to engage others because of the power of their personalities.  They inspire affection and emotional connection and may use the power of their personalities to advance revolutionary ideas
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