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  1. Name 3 brands of 2 wire party line systems?
    • RST
    • Clear com
    • David clark
  2. In RTS what is the pin configuration of a 3 pin XLR?
    • 1 G
    • 2 ch1 + 32v @ 200 ohms
    • 3 ch3
  3. In RTS what is the pin configuration of a 4 pin XLR?
    • 1 ch1 + power
    • 2 ch2
    • 3 ch3
    • 4 G
  4. What does TW5W stand for? What is it?
    • 2 wire 5 way
    • xlr passive spitter
  5. Name pieces of RTS gear that can handle program audio?
    • 4010 IFD
    • PS31
    • DSAP
    • BP325
  6. The BTR 800 is a? How many packs?
    Wireless com sys w/4 belt packs
  7. What does the word biscuit mean in the communications world?
    any 2 wire comm w/ speaker
  8. What is a communications Matrix?
    graph or spead sheet / how commis wired and gear used
  9. What does a S.A.P stand for and how is it used?
    • Source assign panel
    • organal ch to 2 outs
  10. How many inputs and outputs are on the SAP 612
    • 6 in
    • 12 out
  11. What does CCD stand for?  What does a CCD do?
    • charged couple device
    • light to eletrical singals
  12. Name the four primary types of transitions in video.
    • cut
    • wipe
    • dissolve
    • key
  13. What specialized video monitor displays the luminance and horizontal sync information contained in the video signal?
  14. What specialized video monitor displays chrominance information along with the Sub Carrier?
  15. Define the term HEADROOM.
    proper vertical postion
  16. Define the term DEPTH-OF-FIELD.
    zone items down range that are in focus
  17. Define the term PERCEPTION-OF-DEPTH.
    how far objects are to be from the BG
  18. Putting a camera on wheels and pushing it toward the stage during a “live” shot would be an example of what type of Pedestal Movement?
    Dolly in
  19. What would be the Director’s instruction to a camera operator if the Director wanted the camera to be moved from House Right to House Left parallel to the front of the stage?
    truck right
  20. Define Storyboarding.
  21. What does T.D.M. stand for?
    time divison multiplexing
  22. What is the name given to the software that controls these matrices?
  23. What type of cable is used to connect to the I/O of these Matrices?
    ZUES= DE9
  24. How Many ports are in the Zeus matrix system?
  25. How many ports are in a fully loaded Adam CS Matrix system?
  26. How many ports are in an A.D.A.M digital matrix system?
  27. 4W stands for what and is another name for our digital matrix system used in live labs?
    4 WIRE
  28. What does the acronym S.S.A. stand for?
    system to system adapter
  29. What does the SSA do to the TW (RTS) system?
    covert to 4 wire
  30. What are the 5 conversations in AZedit?
    • piont to piont
    • pary line
    • IFB
    • ISO
    • speacil list
  31. Which of the conversations in AZedit allow private full duplex communication?
    point to point
  32. Which of the conversation AZedit group sometimes unrelated people?
    speacil list
  33. Who advises the production crew regarding any important activity or incidents on or around the field of play?
  34. What is program audio in the communications world?
     anyoutside Audio brought back in to comm system
  35. What is a telestrator?
    allows us to illastrate over program
  36. Give a description of an IFB and how is it used?
    • intrrupable foldback
    • used by talent to receve diretion off air
  37. How many IFB’s can be used with one 4010 panel?
    4 IFB outs w/ 3 program inputs
  38. Give a description of the IFB talk box?
    a spicfic IFB device that allows 2-way commuication thought a talk back cirtict
  39. What do we call the signal (or mix) sent to the IFB that stays intact when the Talent is receiving direction? What about the signal (or mix) that is cut off?
    • stays intact = non interupt
    • cut off = interrupt
  40. What does the T.B. button on the IFB talk box stand for and how is it used?
    a-b switch allows 2 way commuiction
  41. What are the two voltages needed for the talk box to operate?
    • 32v comm
    • 48v mic
  42. 10.    What is a DT12 and how is it used?
    • audio breakout box /  sub snake
    • 12 pair pallel
  43. DE-9 / db-9
    • data
    • 1+ ____________ +1
    • 2- ____________ - 2
    • 6                 shield_6
    • audio to zues
    • 4+ ____________ +4
    • 5- ____________ - 5
    • 9                 shield_9
    • audio from zuse
    • 7- ____________ - 7
    • 8+ ____________ +8
    • 3                 shield_3
  44. RJ12
    • 1-__DATA_____________-1
    • 2+__A FROM MATRIX__+2
    • 3+__A TO MATRIX_____+3
    • 4-__A TO MATRIX_____-4
    • 5-__A FROM MATRIX__-5
    • 6+__DATA____________+6
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