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  1. What branch of the vertebrae is involved in the SNS?
  2. What is the main function of the ANS?
    Maintain homeostasis
  3. What nerve innervates most of the pSNS?
    Cranial nerve X
  4. How does the pSNS differ from the SNS?
    • 1 nerve innervates effector organs
    • No ganglia
    • Pre-ganglionic nerve long, post-ganglionis nerv short
  5. What are 2 exceptions to the general ganglion anatomy in the SNS?
    • Collateral ganglia - outside chain
    • Adrenal medulla - no ganglia
  6. What is the preganglionic sympathetic pathway?
    • Ventral root
    • Spinal neve
    • White ramus (axons)
    • Sympathetic ganglia
  7. What is the postganglionic sympathetic pathway?
    • Sympathetic ganglia
    • Gray ramus
    • Spinal nerve
    • Effector organ
  8. What are the parasympathetic nerves?
    • Cranial nerves X, III, VII, IX
    • Spinal Nerves
  9. What are the neurotransmitters of the ANS?
    • Ach
    • Norepinephrine
  10. What are the hormones of the Adrenal Medulla?
    Catecholemines - 80% epinephrine, 20% norepinephrine, <1% dopamine
  11. What are the 2 types of cholinergic receptors?
    • Nicotinic
    • Muscarinic
  12. What do nicotinic cholinergic receptors do?
    Cause cation channel opening = depolarization
  13. How do muscarinic cholinergic receptors work?
    G protein-coupled
  14. What are the 2 classes of Adrenergic Receptors? What are they coupled to?
    • Alpha and Beta
    • G proteins
  15. What are autonomic neuroeffector junctions?
    Synapses btwn efferent and effector organ in ANS
  16. Where is neurotransmitter stored in neuroeffector junctions?
    Axon swellings
  17. What are the 6 events that occur at the neuroeffector junctions?
    • 1.AP arrives at varicosity
    • 2.┬áCa2+┬áchannels open
    • 3. Exocytosis of neurotransmitter
    • 4. NT binds w/ receptors of effector organ
    • 5.┬áResponse in effector organ
    • 6. NT degraded, diffuses away, re-uptake
  18. What is an example of dual innervatin of autonomic control?
    Blood pressure
  19. What is meant by "Dual Innervation" of the ANS?
    Both division, pSNS and SNS, innervate most effector organs
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