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  1. Macule
    Flat, discolored, <1cm
  2. Patch
    Flat, discolored, >1cm
  3. Papule
    Solid, elevated, <1cm
  4. Plaque
    Solid, elevated, >1cm
  5. Nodule
    Solid, palapable, deep/tall, >1cm
  6. Friable
    Easily bleeds on abrasion
  7. Cyst
    Contains fluid
  8. Wheal = hives = urticaria
    Skin swelling, transient; pink/white; due to extravasation of plasma
  9. Dermatographism
    Wheals appear when skin is stroked
  10. Scar
    thickened or thinned skin; fibrous tissue replaces normal at site of damage
  11. Comedo
    enalarged har follicle, contains keratin & lipids
  12. Open Comedone
    Blackhead (dilated follicular opening)
  13. Closed Comedone
    Whitehead (no visible follicular opening)
  14. Vesicle
    Fluid-filled; <1cm
  15. Bulla
    Fluid-filled; >1cm
  16. Pustule
    Circumscribed elevation containing pus
  17. Furuncle
    nodule centered on a follicle; contains pus due to infection; painful, red
  18. Carbuncle
    a coalescence of several furuncles
  19. Abscess
    accumulation of pus in dermis or below (deeper than a furuncle)(red, warm, fluctuant)
  20. Fluctuant
    it can be moved
  21. Purpura
    Reddish purple lesions; due to extravastion; nonblanching
  22. Petechiae
    pinpoint purpura
  23. Ecchymoses
    large, bruiselike purpura
  24. Palpable purpura
    raised purpura; inflammatory
  25. Telangectasia
    dilation of superficial blood vessels
  26. Erosions
    Depressed lesion; loss of epidermis; doesn't scar
  27. Ulcer
    Loss of tissue down into dermis; usually scars
  28. Scale
    flaking of outer layer of skin
  29. Crust
    hard deposits of dried serum, blood, or pus
  30. Yellow/brown crust
  31. Green/yellow crust
  32. Red/black
  33. Excoriation
    focal erosion due to scratching; linear; assoc w. prurutis
  34. Lichenification
    Thickened skin w/ markings; due to repeated rubbing/scratching
  35. Black skin
    Melanin, necrosis
  36. Blue skin
    deep dermal pigment, low HgB, tattoo
  37. Brown skin
    melanin, hemosiderin
  38. Pearly skin
    Basal cell carcinoma
  39. Erythema
    rednes due to blood vessel dilation
  40. Annular
    edge different from center
  41. Nummular
    coin-shaped; same from edge to center
  42. Polycyclic
    coalescing circles / rings
  43. Linear
    strait line lesions; implies external contact / Koebner phenomenon due to scratching
  44. Reticular
    net shaped
  45. Serpiginous
  46. Targetoid
    target with 3 distinct zones of color
  47. Herpetiform
    lesions that are clustered (usually herpes)
  48. Scattered
    irregular distribution
  49. Dermatomal
    limited to a given spinal nerve root distribution (eg herpes zoster)
  50. Photodistributed
    sun exposed areas; face, hands, neck / upper chest
  51. Sun-protected
    areas covered by clothing
  52. Acral
    hands, feet, wrists, ankles
  53. Truncal
    on the trunk of the body
  54. Extensor
    occuring over extensor muscles (knees, elbows)
  55. Flexor
    occuring over flexor muscles (antecubital & politeal fossae)
  56. Intertriginous
    occuring in folds where two skin surfaces are in contact
  57. Localized
    in a single location
  58. Generalized
  59. Bilateral symmetrical
  60. Universal
    involves entire surface of body
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