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  1. Human surivorship theories for the FUTURE
    • 1. Rectangular theory: Hayflick and Fries and Crapo
    • life-expectancy will increase, but MAXIMUM lifespans will NOT
    • 2. Human survivorship will be more stretched out (extended)
    • BOTH avg and maximum lifespan will increase
  2. Anti-aging interventions
    • 1. Calorie restriction
    • 2. Pharmacological interventions: antioxidant vitamin supplementation, C, E, niacin, B-carotene and B vitamins, and MELATONIN, possibly DHEA
    • 3. Biological interventions: growth hormone injections (watch for high systolic BP), drugs to reduce body weight, tissue growth from in vitro cell cultures
    • 4. Lifestyle interventions: reduced toxin exposure, no smoking or alcohol
  3. Social effects of Successful aging
    • 1. Pessimistic view (HAYFLICK): Increased longevitiy = bankruptcy of Social security system, drain health care resources and cause impovershed elderly
    • 2. Optomistic view (WALFORD): Increased longevity = Increase retirement age, lower health care costs
    • 3. Gerontological Society of America viewpoint: with Hayflick
    • Peter Medawar: seen as optomist, society has had to adjust to human nature before and should be able to adapt to increased longevity in the future
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