Bio Chapter 10

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  1. What are the three types of muscles tissue
    • 1) skeletal muscle tissue
    • 2) Cardiac muscle tissue
    • 3) smooth muscle tissue
  2. Describe and name where Skeletal muscle can be found
    Skeletal muscle is cylindrical shape and can be found in tendons
  3. Describe and name where Cardiac muscle can be found
    Cardiac muscle looks like branched cylinder and can be found in heart.
  4. Describe and name where smooth muscle can be found.
    smooth muscle is spindled shaped and can be found in blood vessels
  5. What are the four properties of muscle tissue?
    • 1) electrical excitability
    • 2) contractility
    • 3) extensibility
    • 4) elasticity
  6. What are the four main functions of muscle tissue?
    • 1) body movement
    • 2) stabilize body
    • 3) store and release substance
    • 4) generate heat
  7. Define motor unit
    a somatic motor neuron, plus all skeletal muscle it stimulats
  8. What is the sequence of events that produces a contraction
    • 1) ATP hydrolysis
    • 2) attachment of myosin to actin to form cross-bridges
    • 3) power stroke
    • 4) detachment of myosin from actin
  9. What factor controls the amount of force deleloped in a contraction
    the amount of cross-bridges
  10. What is a twitch?
    a brief contraction of all the muscle fibers in a motor unit
  11. Describe the events of a twitch contraction
    • 1) latent period- Ca++ delay
    • 2) contraction period
    • 3) relaxation period
  12. Describe the events occuring in a wave summation
    second stimuli causes a stronger contraction due to the residue of Ca++ left from last stimuli
  13. Describe unfused tetanus contraction
    a sustained but wavering contraction
  14. Describe a fused tetanus contraction
    a sustained contraction
  15. What does the term recruitment mean?
    the number of active motor units increases
  16. What is muscle tone? and how is it produced?
    a small amount of tention in the muscle due to weak, involuntary contraction of motor units
  17. What are the 3 sytems for generating ATP
    • 1) Creatine phophate
    • 2) Anaerobic
    • 2) Aerobic
  18. What is meant by oxygen debt?
    The added oxygen over and above resting consumption
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