English Vocab 2

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  1. Motif
    Recurring image in a story or text
  2. Archetype
    • A universal symbol (keeps showing up)
    • -Cross
  3. Doppelganger
    Mirror of yourself
  4. Juxtapostion
    Two things that are placed side by side to create a contrast
  5. Iambic Pertameter
    Famous rhythm for poetry
  6. Romanticism
    • Love of nature
    • Love of supernatural
    • Emotional rather than logical
    • Misunderstood by society
    • Escape from society
  7. Connotation
    Defines something throgh accosation
  8. Denotation
    Dictionary definition
  9. Meter
    Rhythm/ beat
  10. Scansion
    The act of reading and marking meter (noun)
  11. Scan
    The act of reading and marking meter (verb)
  12. Colloquial
    Common slang
  13. Enjambment
    The way the meaning of a sentence is squeezed in one line to another
  14. Fetter
    A chain
  15. Hermeneutic
    The method of interrupting something
  16. Foil
    To mess up another characters plan (spoil)
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