Geog 210 Exam 2

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  1. Prime Meridian
    If you were at 0 degrees longitude you would be standing on the prime meridian
  2. Equator
    If you were at 0 degrees latitude you would be standing on the equator
  3. The term used to describe a projection which ctrols for angle and shape is:
  4. The equation for computing the length of a line or the distance between two points is:
    line length= sqrt((x1-x2)^2+(y1-y2)^2)
  5. Using a computer to draw lines, points or polygons into a georeferenced dataset is
  6. What is the term we, geotechnology people, use to describe phenomena that occur over both space and time
  7. Data about other data of any sort in any media is
  8. Describe four of the main types of geotechnology described in class
    • Remote Sensing-creating data without actually making contact with the area of interest
    • Computer Cartography- Making maps on a computer
    • GPS- uses a series of satelites orbiting in space to locate the GPS device
    • GIS- Geographic information system- System that has the ability to create layers of people, buildings, geography geology etc. on a map to analyze
  9. Nine major components of a map
    • Title
    • Legend
    • Scale
    • North Arrow
    • Discription
    • BOarder
    • Credits
    • Source
  10. Five potential things a map projection may distort
    • Area
    • Angle
    • Space
    • Direction
    • Distance
  11. What is a Geoid and how is it different from a spheroid?
    A geoid is very similar to a spheroid, but not a true spheroid because it has irregularities. Earth is a Geoid because it has mountain peaks and low Oceanic valleys
  12. What is the difference between a coordinate system and a projection?
    A projection distorts areas on earth since it's on a flat surface and a coordinate system on a map can be used to tell us where we are
  13. In geography what may the word scale be used to describe
    The distance in units on a map compared to the actual units on earth. Also, it can be used to describe time and resolution
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