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  1. Does atrophy follow a pattern?
    No, it is not uniform
  2. What are teh 5 consequences of tooth loss?
    • 1. Residual ridge resorption (RRR)
    • 2. Various Changes in Intraoral Structures
    • 3. Loss of Facial Support and Muscle Tonus
    • 4. Decreased masticatory function
    • 5. Potential psycho-social effects
  3. What do we do at the first clinical appointment?
    • Preliminary impressions
    • Preliminary Cast Fabrication
    • Custom tray fabrication (in Lab)
  4. What do we do at the second clinical appointment?
    • Master impressions and fabrication
    • Construct record bases
    • Make master cast (Lab)
    • Make record bases (Lab)
    • Create occlusion rim (Lab)
  5. What do we do in the third appointment?
    • Transfer casts to the articulator
    • 1)adjust occlusion rims to reflect tooth position
    • 2)relate maxilla to the hinge axis- facebow transfer
    • 3) Establish VDO between the arches
    • 4)relate mandible to the maxilla
    • Wax trial denture fabrication (lab)
  6. Fourth clinical appointment
    • Wax trial denture try-in
    • 1)check arch for tongue impingement
    • 2) Check closest speaking space (VDS)
    • 3)Check VDO
    • 4)Prove centric relation
    • 5)make protrusive record
    • 6)Posterior Palatal seal final check
    • 7) Evaluate and correct esthetics
    • Wax pattern is ready for investing (lab)
  7. Fifth clinical appointment
    • Denture insertion appointment
    • Adaptation of denture base to tissue surface
    • Adjust tissue surface and flanges
    • Clinical remount
    • Adjust occlusion
  8. Appointments six and seven
    • 24 hour and 1 week post-insertion checks
    • Reinforce care instructions

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