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  1. 3 features of complete denture occlusion
    • Bilateral posterior centric contact
    • Centralized forces
    • Balanced occlusion to minimize tipping
  2. Define bilateral balanced denture occlusion
    • Stable, simultaneous contact of upper and lower teeth in centric relation with smooth bilateral gliding contact to any eccentric position within the normal range
    • Developed to lessen/limit tipping or rotation of the denture bases
  3. what is required to establish balanced occlusion?
    • Representation of patient's jaw relationship
    • Analogue of patient's mandibular movements
    • **This means mounting on an articulator**
  4. How do we establish maxillo-mandibular relation records?
    • 1)adjust occlusion rims to reflect tooth position
    • 2)Relate maxilla to hinge axis- simulate condyle
    • 3) Establish vertical separation (VDO)
    • 4)Relating mandible to the maxilla (centric relation)
    • 5)Set the condylar inclination (protrusive record)
  5. What is Vertical Dimension of Occlusion?
    The length of the face when teeth are contacting and the teeth are in centric relation
  6. What is the freeway space?
    Interocclusal distance- distance between occluding surfaces of maxillary and mandibular teeth when the mandible is in its physiologic rest position
  7. What is Centric Jaw Relation?
    • Relation of mandible to the maxilla when the condyles are in their most superior/anterior position in the glenoid fossa
    • From here unstrained lateral movements can be made at the normal occluding vertical dimension 
    • This is not maximum intercuspation
  8. What are the five factors of Hanau's Quint?
    • 1)Condylar Inclination
    • 2)Incisal Guidance
    • 3)Occlusal Plane inclination
    • 4) Compensating curve
    • 5) Cuspal inclination
  9. How are the 5 factors of hanau's quint related?
    • Theilman's formula
    • Condylar inclination X Incisal Guidance
    • -----------------------------------------------
    • OccPlane X Cuspal Inclination X CompCurve
  10. Why do monoplane teeth need balancing ramps?
    • This stabilizes the denture base during mandibular movements
    • It counters for lacking cuspal inclination and compensating curve and occlusal plane inclination
  11. Which factors in hanau's quint can we not change?
    Condylar inclination and occlusal plane
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