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  1. The most common degenerative disorder
    Parkinson's disease
  2. Parkinson's features degeneration of what?
    The dopamine secreting neurons of the substantia nigra that send axons to the basal ganglia
  3. There is a slow and steady death of what during Parkinson's?
    Neurons that produce dopamine
  4. What are some physical effects of Parkinson's?
    Muscular rigidity, slow movement, resting tremors, and postural instability
  5. What are come causes of Parkinson's?
    Environmental toxins, metabolic disorder, unrecognized infectious disorder
  6. What is the genetic relationship to Parkinson's?
    There isn't one
  7. A short-term treatment for Parkinson's that is a precursor for dopamine and causes the remaining dopamine neurons to produce more dopamine.
  8. Fetal tissue transplantation is what?
    A treatment for Parkinson's where fetal substantia nigra is implanted in the caudate nerve and putamen of the basal ganglia
  9. This treatment for Parkinson's is the surgical destruction of the internal division of the globus pallidus that eliminates rigidity.
  10. This disease is a degeneration of the caudate nerve and putament.
    Huntington's disease
  11. Huntington's disease affects what neurons?
    GABA (inhibitory for motor system) and ACH (excitatory)
  12. When do symptoms begin for Huntington's?
    20s, 30s or 40s
  13. What chromosome is tied to Huntington's?
    chromosome 4
  14. What are the treatments for Huntingtons?
    No treatments
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