working with cisco equipment

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  1. Whatport is used to configure a router or switch?
  2. WhatType of cable is used to connect to a console port on a switch or router?
  3. Because many new laptops do not have the EIA/TIA 9- or15-pin serial connections and feature USB ports only, what kind of an adapterwill you need to use to connect a rollover cable to attach to yourworkstation's COM port?
    USB to serial adapter
  4. What kind of application must you use to interfacewith the switch or router’s console port to configure it?
    a terminal application
  5. What setting do you need on your terminal program to establish a connection with a router or switch?
    • Baud rate: 9600
    • Data bits:8
    • Parity:none
    • Stop bits: 1
    • Flow control: none
    • Your COM ports for this connection will vary.
  6. What is the purpose of the AUX port?
    The Aux port works just like a console port but is intended to be used with an external modem for dial-in configuration.
  7. Is using a dial-up modem to configure a router or switch a good idea?  why or why not?
    no, using the aux port with a modem is a security risk.
  8. What type of cable is used to connect a device to a switch?
    Straight through
  9. How is a straight through cable wired?
    • 1-1
    • 2-2
    • 3-3
    • 4-4
    • 5-5
    • 6-6
    • 7-7
    • 8-8
  10. How is a cross-over cable wired?
    • 1-3
    • 2-6
    • 3-1
    • 4-4
    • 5-5
    • 6-2
    • 7-7
    • 8-8
  11. What type of cable is used to connect 2 like devices?
  12. What kind of cable is used to connect a PC to a router's ethernet interface?
    Here's a tricky one, though: To connect a PC's NICdirectly to your router's Ethernet interface, you need a crossover cable—eventhough those two devices are not "like."
  13. What kind of serial port is found on cisco router and switches?
    A Cisco serial port is a proprietary design, a 60-pinD-sub.
  14. Which port is used in almost every WAN connection?
    Serial Port
  15. What type of interface is needed for an ISDN telephone connection?
    For a telephone service, you need a special hardware type called an asynchronous serial port and a modem.
  16. What is the default encapsulation method used on Cisco Serial Ports?
  17. What layer 2 protocol is customized by cisco that can run on only their equipment and can also run on layer 3?
  18. What kind ofcontroller card is used to connect to a T1 WAN service
    a T1 controller card
  19. What does the T1 controller card label read to connect to a T1 WAN service.
    "T1 CSU/DSU,
  20. What kind of connecter is used for a "T1 CSU/DSU,"
    RJ-48, looks like the RJ-45 connector.
  21. What are the 4 different memory locations for Routers and switches?
    • ROM
    • Flash Memory
    • NVRAM
    • RAM
  22. What is held in ROM?
    • POST
    • bootstrap
    • ROMMON
    • RXBoot microcode
  23. What is POST and where is it stored?
    The POST (power-on self test) is a basic inventory and test of the hardware in the device. It is stored in ROM
  24. What is the bootstrap and where is it stored?
    The bootstrap is responsible for finding an operatingsystem to load.  It is stored in ROM.
  25. What is ROMMON and where is it stored?
    is a minimal command set that can be used to connectto a TFTP server and restore a missing or corrupted IOS image.  It is stored in ROM
  26. What is RXBOOT and where is it stored?
    RXBOOT is a mini-IOS that has a much more familiarcommand set than ROMMON and more features, so it is easier to use for IOSrestoration from TFTP.
  27. Where is the IOS image file stored?
    Flash Memory
  28. Where is the startup configuration file stored?
  29. What is stored in RAM?
    • routing tables
    • ARP cache
    • buffer
  30. What is the IOS startup process sequence?
    • 1.  Run POST
    • 2.  Find the IOS (bootstrap checks the startup-config file in NVRAM forboot system commands)
    • 3.  Load the IOS to RAM (router loads the first valid IOS image it finds in theflash memory)  If there is no usable IOS in flash, the router will begin broadcasting for a TFTP server in the hopes of finding an IOS it can download and use. If no valid IOS is found on one, the router will loadthe RXBOOT mini-IOS. In the unlikely event that RXBOOT fails, the routerwill load the ROM Monitor (ROMMON)
    • 4.  Find the configuration (looks for the startup-config file in NVRAM)
    • 5.  Load the configuration to RAM (startup-config is copied to RAM and renamed running-config) If there is no startup-config file in NVRAM, therouter will broadcast for a TFTP server to see if there is a configuration fileavailable for it. If that fails, the router will launch Setup mode.
  31. When will Setup Mode run?
    Setup mode will run only if there is no configuration filein NVRAM
  32. How can you exit Setup Mode?
    You can abort Setup mode by typing CTRL+C or by saying "no" either when asked if you want to enter the initial configuration dialog or when asked if you want to save the configuration at the end of the interview.
  33. What is the configuration register?
    The configuration register is a four-characterhexadecimal value that can be changed to manipulate how the router behaves atbootup.
  34. What is the default value for the configuration register?
    The default value is 0x2102.
  35. What is the fourth character of the configuration register called?
    the boot field
  36. What must the configuartion register be set to in order to boot to ROMMON?
  37. What must the configuration register be set to in order to boot to RXBOOT?
  38. What range of values in the configuration register loads the different IOS images files?
    0x2102 through 0x210F loads the first valid IOS in flash; values of 2 through F for the fourth character specify other IOS image files in flash.
  39. What is the third character in the configuration register used for?
    it specifies how the router loads the configuration file
  40. Which setting in the configuration register will ignore the startup-config file in NVRAM and proceed without a configuration?
  41. Which setting in the configuration register will allow you to recover a lost or fogotten password?
  42. What are the two different command line modes?
    • user exec
    • privileged exec
  43. Which exec session will allow you to view info and run diagnostics but not be able to make changes?
    user exec
  44. Which exec session will allow you to make changes to the router?
    Privilaged exec
  45. Whwn you see the statement "Router Con0 is now available. Press RETURN toget started!"and you press return, what exec mode are you in?
    user exec
  46. what command must you typr to go from user exec to privilaged exec?
  47. What does the command promt look like for user exec?
  48. What does the command prompt look like for privilaged mode?
  49. What mode must you be in to make changes to the router?
    Global Configuration mode.
  50. What command do you use to enter Global Configuration Mode?
    configure terminal
  51. Which mode must you be in to enter global configuration mode?
    privilaged exec
  52. What does the command prompt look like when you are in Global Configuration Mode?
  53. Which mode must you be in to set IP addresses and subnet masks, change speed,duplex, clock rate and bandwidth, or change the Layer 2 encapsulation of the interface?
    Interface configuration mode
  54. Which mode allows you to set up line parameters. Lines include the console, AUX, TTY, and VTY connections
    Line Configuration mode
  55. Which ports are used on the switch or router for administration connections?
    console and aux ports
  56. Which line is used for analog dialup access with modems.?
    TTY lines
  57. Which Line is used for virtual connections for Telnetaccess to the router to perform remote administration over an IP network?
    VTY lines
  58. Which mode allows you to setup dynamic routing protocols such as RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF?
    Router configuration mode
  59. What is a shortned command called?
  60. What does the error "Incomplete Command" mean?
    the IOS needs more command keywords to complete thecommand
  61. What does the error "Ambiguous Command" mean?
     the IOS is not sure what command you mean because you truncated too much
  62. What does the error "Invalid Input" mean?
    you made a typo or entered acommand at the wrong prompt.
  63. What command can you use for help with commands at a given prompt?
    the question  mark
  64. What cammand can you use to set the hostname?
    hostname (enter the name you wish to use here)
  65. What is the default hostname for a router or switch
    router and switch
  66. Which interface do you assign an IP addess and subnet mask to on a switch and why?
    vlan1, because the switch has no physical port to assign an ip address to.
  67. Which VLAN is the management VLAN?
  68. What is DCE?
    Data Communication Equipment
  69. What does the bandwidth command do?
    reports to the routing protocols about the capacity of the interface.
  70. What command must you issue each interface of a router for each of the to work?
    no shutdown
  71. From the Global Configuration prompt, what commands must we give to configure, assign an IP, and activate each interface?
    • interface (the name of interface entered here)
    • ip address (ip address enetered here) (subnet mask entered here)
    • no shutdown
  72. Which lines are secured by default?
  73. What must you do to telnet before you will be allowed establish a connection.
    Set a password for telnet
  74. What is the minimum security configuration to log in to your devices.
     require a password.
  75. What kind of encryption can you place on the privilaged exec password?
    MD5 hash
  76. What command do you use to enable password encryption for the privilaged exec?
    enable secret
  77. What Command lists what files (IOS files, typically) are stored in flash, as well as how much flash memory is used, available, and the total amount?
    show flash
  78. What command shows diagnostic information about all interfaces, including whether they are shut down?
    show interface
  79. What command lists the version of IOS image in use, the actual IOS filename, and the current value of the configuration register?
    show version
  80. What command shows the current configuration in RAM?
    show running-config
  81. What command shows the configuration that will be loaded the next time the router boots?
    show startup-config
  82. What is the biggest disadvantage of using telnet?
    it is  unencrypted
  83. What is a better alternative to telnet which provides encrypted communication?
  84. What must your IOS version include in order for SSH to work?
    support for DES or 3DES crypto
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