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  1. Which landmarks define the occlusal plane?
    • Camper's line (nasal ala--> ear tragus)
    • Retromolar pad (1/2 to 2/3 up)
  2. What determines the position of the anterior teeth?
    Esthetics and phonetics
  3. What is our rationale for selected landmarks?
    • Clinically identifiable
    • Predictive of tooth position
    • Esthetics and functional requirements
  4. What are the laboratory procedures following the 3rd clinical appointment?
    • Moutning of the master casts
    • ID and marking of landmarks in preparation for setting of denture teeth
  5. How do we determine the incisal edges?
    1/2 half the distance between the residual ridge crest +1mm in a mandibular direction
  6. During which appt do we adjust the occlusion rims?
    Third clinical appt
  7. What angle would the maxillary root have labially/
    15 degrees
  8. What is the amount of distal angulation of the canine?
    15 degrees
  9. What is the problem if we have a working interference?
    Curve of wilson
  10. What is the problem if we have balancing side interferences?
    Curves of Spee and Wilson
  11. How much do monoplane dentures overlap anteriorly?
  12. Where do we end the monoplane mandibular occlusal table?
    Prior to the ascending portion of the residual ridge
  13. In what order do we set up the monoplane teeth?
    • 1)maxillary first premolar
    • 2) mandibular first premolar
    • 3) remaining mandibular teeth
    • 4)remaining maxillary teeth
    • Image Upload 1
  14. Where does the monoplane occlusal table terminate?
    prior to the mandibular ascending ridge
  15. What are the two features we look for when setting monoplane posterior teeth?
    • 1) End of mandibular occlusal table at/prior to the ascending portion of the residual ridge
    • 2)Distal overlap of the most posterior maxillary tooth in relation to most posterior mandibular tooth
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