Foundations Final

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  1. How does innate intelligence strive to maintain a state of health?
    adaptation mechanisms
  2. what is the god of healing
  3. what was the god of disease prevention
  4. goddess of healing cures and ointments
  5. When were the first medical records written
    1500 B.C.E.
  6. who said "do good or at least do no harm" "Look well to the spine for the cause of disease"
  7. What was used to set a hip luxation in the 16th century?
    Spinng-loaded for traction
  8. What type of medical therapy was considered outcast during the plague?
  9. What physician and philosopher born in 129 A.D. did experiments on the nervous system to include cervical manipulation
  10. Who considered anatomy as the foundation of medical knowledge, distinguished seven pairs of cranial nerve, described the valves of heat, and observed the structural differences between arteries and veins?
  11. Father of chemistry

    AKA: Auroleus Phillipus theostratus bombastus von hohenheim
  12. Father of homeopathy
    Samuel Chrisitian Hahneman
  13. What is a system of therapy that relies on natural remedies supplemented with diet and massage?
  14. WHo brought naturopathy to the U.S.
    Benedict lust
  15. Who introduced mesmerism to the U.S.
    Charles Poysen
  16. Who did DD palmer study mesmerism under?
    Paul Caster
  17. Who coined the phrase "cleanliness is next to godliness
    Sylvester Graham
  18. Who wrote "new guide to health or botanic family physician" He thought cold brought on illness and that botanical and natural inerventions
  19. Who was the father of osteopathy
    A.T. Stills
  20. Where was the first school of osteopathy
    Kirksville, MO
  21. When was the first adjustment and who was it on?
    • 1895
    • Harvey Lillard
  22. Who suggested that chiropractic be derived from the greek words Cheir and Praktos
    Reverent Samuel Weed
  23. Who was the first chiropractic graduate?
    William Seeley
  24. Who was the term mixer coined for?
    A.P. Davis
  25. Who's ideas were used to show that chiropractic and osteopathy were seperate health fields?
    A.P. Davis
  26. What were the three different names before it was called the Palmer school of chiropractic
    • Palmer's magnetic cure and infirmary
    • Chiropractic School and Cure
    • Palmer School and Infirmar of Chiropractic
  27. Who founded the American School of Chiropractic and Nature Cure (right next to Palmer)?
    Solon Langworthy
  28. Who filed the first legislation and formed the first chiropractic organization (ACA)
    Solon Langworthy
  29. Who founded the Chicago College of Naprathy and was one of the first licensed chiropractors
    Oakley Smith
  30. Who started the activator technique and invented the slotted table?
    Thomas Storey
  31. Who was the first woman chiropractor and the first chiropractor to receive a degree?
    Minora Paxson
  32. Who started the Universal Chiropractic College but split because of X-ray disagreement
    Joy Loban
  33. Who was the grand old lady of chiropractic that co-founded the Central Chiropractic College
    Sylva Ashworth
  34. When was PSC opened
  35. When did BJ take over PSC
  36. In the trail of whom was the not guilty verdict for practicing without a licensne set a legal precedent 
    Dr. Shegataro Morikubo
  37. When was the Chiropractor's adjuster published?
  38. Where and when was the first state chiropractic license issued?
    • Kansas
    • 1913
  39. When was the first standards for accrediting chiropractic schools developed?
  40. Who was the first director of education for National Chiropractic Association 
    John Nugent
  41. The end of what war caused a spike in students at PSC
    • WWII
    • 1944
  42. When and were was the last state licensure law passed?
    • Louisiana 
    • 1974
  43. When was the Wilks antitrust lawsuit filed?
  44. Who's definition of chiropractic and were was it published? "A philosophy, science, and art of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only for the correction of the cause of disease"
    • DD Palmer
    • Stephenson;s Chiropractic Text Book
  45. What is the careful thought about the fundamental nature of the world, the grounds for human knowledge, and the evaluation of human conduct?
  46. What are philosophy's chief branches
    • Logic
    • Metaphysics
    • epistemology
    • ethics
  47. What is the study of the laws and causes underlying reality, leading to an understanding of its fundamental nature
  48. What is the process of philosophy?
    Synthetic process
  49. What is the mother of science?
  50. What type of reasoning does philosophy use?
  51. What is the major premise of philosophy
    All humans have the capacity to heal themselves
  52. What is the minor premis of philosophy
    Yare a human being
  53. What are the strengths of deductive reasoning
    • Allow reasoning
    • 100% certainty of conclusions
  54. What integrates knowledge into wisdom, gives values, determines objectives, and provides vision
  55. What are the limitations of deductive reasoning?
    • quality of assumptions
    • quality of logic
    • Deduction is not self testing
  56. What was the most common form of medicine used in the early 19th century
    Herotic medicine
  57. where was DD born
  58. what was DD's first conclusion of the cause of disease
  59. What was Palmer college first called
    palmer school of magnetic healing
  60. what does woc and who stand for
    • Wonders of Chiro
    • With hands only
  61. What association did BJ start
    UCR universal chiro association
  62. What was the precursor to ICA
    Chiro Health Bureau
  63. What university gave classes by mail
    American university of chicago
  64. What predceeded the ACA?
    National Chiro Association
  65. what was the first state to pass chiro statue?
  66. What was the first state to issue chiro license and when
    N. Dakota 1915
  67. who utilized a structural approach which included more than one subluzation
  68. Who pioneered the stabalization of the sacrum
  69. Who did the first full spine wt bearing x-ray
    Warren Sausser
  70. what is the most scholoarly and long lasting chiro journal
    Journal of manipulative medicine
  71. Who founded the National School of Chiro in davenport
  72. what is the main reason people use chiro
    treatment of disease
  73. what is defined as doctrine that processes of life are not explicable by the laws of physics and chemistry alone and life is self determining
  74. What did BJ see vitalism as
    • Innate intelligence
    • ADIO above down inside out
  75. What does gnosis mean and in what part of the brain does it occur
    • Intellectual knowledge
    • Nous = left brain
  76. What is epignosis and where does it occur
    • applying knowlege and understanding it
    • Kardia = Right Lobe
  77. What are the three methods of perception
    • Faith
    • Empericism
    • Rationalism
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