Comm. Research Final

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  1. Experimenter Effect
    Participants might change their actions if they know they are being watched.
  2. Observer Bias
    If observers know which is control vs. experimental group - They may skew data.
  3. Researcher Attribute Effect
    Unchangeable (like gender)
  4. Hawthorne Effect
    Observing people infuences their actions. Make observations less "in your face"
  5. Testing Effect
    Participants primes for what is being tested.
  6. Maturation Effect
    People change over time, these effect the result of the study.
  7. Experimental Mortality Effect
    Participants drop out of before the study is complete.
  8. Selection Bias Effect
    When groups are not the same at the beginning.
  9. Intersubject Bias
    When participants are influenced by one another.
  10. Componsaory Rivalry
    Compensating for the missing stimulus by working harder
  11. Demoralization
    Feelings of depravation in control group may result in their giving up.
  12. History
    Anything that is going on outside of your study that may effect the outcomes.
  13. Instrumentation
    No reliable sclae = not valid. Real instruments need to be callibrated.
  14. Solomon 4
    • 1 group that is pretested and is a control
    • 1 group that isnt pretested and is a control
    • 1 group that is pretested and is an experimental
    • 1 group that isnt pretested and is an experimental
  15. Maxi
    Maximize the independent variable.
  16. Con
    Control extraneous variables
  17. Mini
    Minimize error variance
  18. What are several of the causes of low inter-rater reliability?
    • Definition problems.
    • Ineffecient Coding Rules.
    • Coder Drift.
  19. Name and define 3 criteria for constructing/evaluating coding rules?
    • Mutually exclusive: no code can fall into multiple categories.
    • Exhaustive: Rules for everything
    • About equivalent:
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