Barron's 2.3

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  1. allay
    V. calm; pacify. The crew tried to allay the fears of the passengers by announcing that the fire had been controlled.
  2. allege
    V. state without proof. Although it is alleged that she has worked for the enemy, she denies the allegation and, legally, we can take no action against her without proof. allegation, N.
  3. allegiance
    N. loyalty. Not even a term in prison could shake Lech Walesa's allegiance to Solidarity, the Polish trade union he had helped to found.
  4. allegory
    N. story in which characters are used as symbols; fable. Pilgrim's Progress is an allegory of the temptations and victories of man's soul. allegorical,ADJ.
  5. alleviate
    V. relieve. This should alleviate the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs.
  6. alliteration
    N. repetition of beginning sound in poetry. "The furrow followed free" is an example of alliteration.
  7. allocate
    V. assign. Even though the Red Cross had allocated a large sum for the relief of the sufferers of the disaster, many people perished.
  8. alloy
    N. a mixture as of metals. Alloys of gold are used more frequently than the pure metal.
  9. alloy
    V. mix; make less pure; lessen or moderate. Our delight at the Yankees' victory was alloyed by our concern for Dwight Gooden, who injured his pitching arm in the game.
  10. allude
    V. refer indirectly. Try not to mention divorce in Jack's presence because he will think you are alluding to his marital problems with Jill.
  11. allure
    V. entice; attract. Allured by the song of the sirens, the helmsman steered the ship toward the reef. also N.
  12. allusion
    N. indirect reference. When Amanda said to the ticket scalper, "One hundred bucks? What do you want, a pound of flesh?," she was making an allusion to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.
  13. aloft
    ADV. upward. The sailor climbed aloft into the rigging. To get into a loft bed, you have to climb aloft.
  14. aloof
    ADJ. apart; reserved. Shy by nature, she remained aloof while all the rest conversed.
  15. altercation
    N. noisy quarrel; heated dispute. In that hottempered household, no meal ever came to a peaceful conclusion; the inevitable altercation might even end in blows.
  16. altruistic
    ADJ. unselfishly generous; concerned for others. In providing tutorial assistance and college scholarships for hundreds of economically disadvantaged youths, Eugene Lang performed a truly altruistic deed. altruism, N.
  17. amalgamate
    V. combine; unite in one body. The unions will attempt to amalgamate their groups into one national body.
  18. amass
    V. collect. The miser's aim is to amass and hoard as much gold as possible.
  19. ambidextrous
    ADJ. capable of using either hand with equal ease. A switch-hitter in baseball should be naturally ambidextrous.
  20. ambience
    N. environment; atmosphere. She went to the restaurant not for the food but for the ambience.
  21. ambiguous
    ADJ. unclear or doubtful in meaning. His ambiguous instructions misled us; we did not know which road to take. ambiguity, N.
  22. ambivalence
    N. the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes. Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings. ambivalent,ADJ.
  23. amble
    N. moving at an easy pace. When she first mounted the horse, she was afraid to urge the animal to go faster than a gentle amble. alsoV.
  24. ambulatory
    ADJ. able to walk; not bedridden. Juan was a highly ambulatory patient; not only did he refuse to be confined to bed, but he insisted on riding his skateboard up and down the halls.
  25. ameliorate
    V. improve. Many social workers have attempted to ameliorate the conditions of people living in the slums.
  26. amenable
    ADJ. readily managed; willing to be led. He was amenable to any suggestions that came from those he looked up to; he resented advice from his inferiors.
  27. amend
    V. correct; change, generally for the better. Hoping to amend his condition, he left Vietnam for the United States.
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