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  1. cultural captial
    non-financial social assets that promote social mobility

    examples: school, speech, dress
  2. Habitus
    a class based outlook to like

    showing the subject we are
  3. Habitus is the determinator of ??
    • motivation
    • aspiration
    • disposition
  4. FACE 4
    Postive productive political power 

    discipline power
  5. Rules of policies that raise the floor??
    universal health care

    Ensure min wage is a living wage
  6. What are the shifts that caused increased inequality
    • Value shift
    • Power shift
    • Rule shift
  7. Value shift
    from community values toward more indivdualist values

    "we are on our own"
  8. Power shift
    power has shifted from the 99% to the top 1% and thousands of corporations
  9. Mechanisms of Social reproduction??
    Parents and schools
  10. Working class ='s
    obedience (self ego)
  11. Upper class='s 
    sense of self (ego)
  12. in 2006 about _____ billion credit cards were sent out solicited
    6 billion
  13. Dursint the WWII what were we closest to?
    Democracy !!
  14. subjectification
    the construction on the individual subject
  15. One's habitus is an effect of ???
  16. Lowe working class ='s
    obediece, rule following, discipline
  17. True of False

    the values of the family of orientation are seldom found in the family of procreation??

    it would be true if said always found or often found
  18. Wealth and power are no the product of nature they are the result of 
    human social arrangements they are creasted and sustained by people
  19. Sapereaude
    Dare to know
  20. De- subjectification
    to engage in actions that are contraty to what you have been made. 

    rejecting the creature the person that you were made
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