Anatomy 2128 UTA

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  1. What are the 5 Special Senses
    • 1. Olfacation (Smell)
    • 2. Gustation (Taste)
    • 3.Vision
    • 4.Equilibrium
    • 5.Hearing
  2. Name the Function and Location of the Olfacatory Organs
    • Provides a Sense of Smell
    • Located in the Nasal Cavity on either side of Nasal Septum
  3. Name the two layers of the Olfactory Organs and their functions.
    • Olfactory Epithelium - Contains the Olfactory Receptor Cells (Supporting Cells), & Regenerative Basal Cells (Stem Cells).
    • Covers the interior surface of the cribiform plate, & the superior nasal conchae of the ethmoid.

    • Lamina Propria - Contains the Olfactory Glands (Secretion absorb water, form thick pigmented mucus).
    • Consist of Areola Tissues, numerous Blood Vessels and Nerves
  4. Trace the Olfactory Pathway to the Cerebrum.
    • >Olfactory Epithelium
    • >Ofactory Nerve Fibers (N I)
    • >Olfactory Bulb
    • >Olfactory Tract
    • >Central Nervous System
  5. TASTE

    What is Gustation?
    Provides information about the foods and liquids we eat and drink
  6. What are Taste Receptors (Gustatory Receptors)?

    Where are the most Important Taste Receptors located?
    Receptors distributed over the Superior surface of the tongue & adjacent portions of the Pharynx and Larynx.

    Most important Taste Receptors are located on the Tongue.
  7. What are Taste Buds?
    Taste Receptors & specialized Epithelial Cells form Sensory structures

    Adults have estimate of 5000 Taste Buds.
  8. What are Basal & Gustatory Cells? Where are they located?
    Basal Cell - Small Stem Cell, located in the Taste Buds, continually divide to produce Daughter cdells that mature in stages.

    Gustatory Cells( Mature basal Cells) - Cell of the Last Stage. Extend Taste Hairs, into surrounding fluids through the Taste Pore. Only survives 10 days, before it is replaced.
  9. Name the 4 Primary Taste Sensations?
    • > Sweet
    • >Salty
    • >Sour
    • >Bitterness
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