PSYC 3430 - (9)Leadership

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  1. Key concepts of leadership?
    There is influence

    Leader must have followers

    Criterion for effective leadership is goal achievement
  2. What is the romance of a leader?
    Its when people believe leaders are so influential, that they are the ultimate heros
  3. What are some leadership myths?
    Leadership is power ( with people, not over them)

    Leaders are born ( they are made)

    All groups have leader ( only if there is complexity)

    People resist their leaders (most groups accept the need for one)

    They make or break groups

    As they make a difference
  4. What are the 2 main concepts of leaderships
    Leadership effectiveness and leadership emergence
  5. What is leadership effectiveness
    One of hte two concepts ofl eaderships

    when traits and behaviours of the leader lead to an outcome valued by the work group or organization
  6. What is leadership emergence
    One of hte 2 concepts of leaderships

    Individuals who emerge as leaders by some sort of mean
  7. What is the Path-Goal theory (House 1971)
    4 different leadership styles to facilitate subordinates attainment of goals.

    They are directive, supportive, participative, Achievement-oriented

    Only effective based on situation and characteristics of subordinates
  8. What is the overall outcome of path-goal situations?
    Increased effort, imporved satisfaction and performance
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