wordly wise lesson 7

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  1. amorous
    adj. Expressing love or the state of being in love.
  2. belittle
    v. To present or speak of as unimportant or of little value.
  3. censure
    v. To blame or find fault with.
  4. censure
    n. A severe criticism or harsh judgment.
  5. deem
    v. To consider; to believe.
  6. divulge
    v. To make known something secret; to reveal.
  7. exorbitant
    adj. Exceeding normal bounds; greater or more than seems reasonable.
  8. expostulate
    v. To argue earnestly in an attempt to dissuade or show strong disapproval.
  9. fateful
    adj. Having great or significant consequences.
  10. ingrate
    n. An ungrateful person.
  11. injunction
    • n. 1. An order or command.
    • 2. A court order prohibiting someone from doing something.
  12. moribund
    adj. Close to death; in a dying state.
  13. motif
    • n. 1. A theme or idea in a work of art or literature that is developed or repeated.
    • 2. A figure or design repeated in the decoration of something, such as a building or textile.
  14. subsidize
    v. To support by giving financial aid.
  15. subsidy
    n. A grant of money, often provided by a government to a group or individual.
  16. sumptuous
    adj. Extravagantly splendid or costly; luxurious.
  17. voluble
    adj. Characterized by a ready flow of words; talkative.
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