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  1. equation as to how you determine how a person thinks and acts 
    IQ+ emotional intelligence +personalty 
  2. Which is the only quality that cn be flexible and change
    emotional intelligence 
  3. What do personalities do
    help dictate self awareness of own personality and increase social awareness of others 
  4. Demensions of personalities
    • extroversion and introversion
    • sensing and intuition
    • thinking and feeling
    • judging and perceiving
  5. extroversion
    more interested in external world

    maxamize interactions with others
  6. introversion
    interested in the internal world of ideas and concepts

    enjoy solitude and introspection
  7. sensing
    pay attention to detail around them

    like observable facts
  8. intuitive
    pay attention to "gut" feeling

    like theories and possibilities
  9. Thinking
    follows logic


    (not pharmacy school)
  10. Feeling
    follow mood

    emotional (like me!)
  11. juding
    • organized
    • prefer structure
    • makes up mind fast 
  12. perceiving
    • spontaneous
    • flexible
    • keep options open 
  13. Artisian
    • fun loving, optimistic, realistic, and focused on the here and now
    • pride on being unconventional, bold, and spontaneous
    • playful mates, creative parents
    • excitable, trust their impulses, want to make a splash, seek stimulation, prize freedom
  14. Idealist
    • enthusiastic, trust their intuition, yearn for romance and seek their true seld and dream of attaining wisdom
    • prode themselves on being loving, kindhearted, and authentic
    • are giving, trusting, spiritual and focused on personal journeys and human potentials
    • make intense mates, nurturing parents and inspirational leaders
  15. Rationals
    • pragmatic, skeptical and self-contained and focused on problem solving ans system analytics
    • pride in being ingenious, independent, and strong willed
    • make reasonable mates, individualizing parents and strategic leaders
    • even tempered and dream of understanding how the world works
  16. Guardians
    • prode themselves on being dependable, helpful and hard working
    • make loyal mates and responsible parents and stabilizing leaders
    • doubtful, cautious, humble, and focused on credentials and traditions
    • concerned citizend, join groups, seek security and prize gratitude
  17. Stressors of artisans
    • lack of options
    • need to be alone and independent
    • love of life- too constricted or negative environment
    • excessive vriticism
  18. how artisans react to stress
    takes a lot to get them stressed

    act out against others and themselves 
  19. stressors for idealists
    • absence of trust
    • too much pressure to conform
    • interpersonal conflict (relationship conflict)
    • required to deal with too many unexpected events
    • must be too extraverted for too long
    • too much detailed work
    • sensitive to negative environments
  20. how idealists react to stress
    • muscle problems (tic and tighten)
    • sensory problems- heightened sensitivity
    • act out of character- blame themselves and lash out at others 
  21. Stressors for rationals
    • disrespect from people for their accomplishment or visionary ideas
    • like to find new solutions or problems- get no support for findings
    • excessive negativity
    • negative emotional experience directed at them 
  22. how rationals react to stress
    • become very rigid 
    • driven by compulsions (OCD) 
    • physically exhaisted by obsessive thoughts
  23. stressors for guardians
    • not being recognized for accomplishments
    • assuming to much resonsibility
    • others dont trust them
    • too much pressure to comform to a standard with which they don't agree
    • forced to face too many new experiences
  24. how guardians react to stress
    • report being sick
    • tired
    • angry and then sad
    • excessively worried 
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