Personalities and Conflict

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  1. focus of conflict for personality
    • thinking and feeling
    • judging and perceiving
  2. Thinking
    • what is the conflict about
    • options and principles
    • analyzing and tolerating differences
    • maintaining a firm stance
  3. Feeling
    • who is involved
    • needs and values
    • accepting and appreciating differences
    • ensuring give and take
  4. Thinking applies to
    • All rationals
    • some guardians
    • some artisans
  5. Feeling applies to
    • All Idealists
    • some guardians and some Artsans
  6. Juding
    • make up mind fast
    • seek resolution
    • focus on past and future
    • concerned primarily with outcome of the situation
    • experience satisfaction once the conflict is over
  7. Perceiving
    • flexible and keep all options open
    • seek clarification
    • focus on present
    • concerned with the input of participants
    • experience satisfaction once the conflict is addressed
  8. Judging is
    • All guardians
    • Some Idealists
    • Some Rationals
  9. Perceiving is
    • All Artisans
    • Some Idealists
    • Some rationals
  10. how to use emotional intelligence
    • listen to the other person
    • save judgements until later
    • restate the other persons side of the conflict
    • ID with the other persons feelings
    • respond only after the other person has had their say
    • use I not YOU statements
    • understand you may have to disagree
  11. Types of conflict in pharmacy
    • conflict with employees
    • conflict with managers
    • conflict with customers
  12. Emotional Labor
    degree of manipulation of ones inner feelings and or outward behavior to display the appropiate emotion in respinse to display rules or occupational norms
  13. EL
    manage your emotions so they are consistent with what your company determines is ok to express on the job

    regardless of what you think-serve with a smile
  14. Emotional Labor Techniques
    Surface acting- faking emotions on the surface

    deep acting- people modify their inner feelings to match the emotions they are required to display
  15. Problems with EL
    • emotional exhaustion
    • sense of inauthenticity
    • burnout
    • increase stress
    • decrease job satisfactions
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