Marine Bio: History

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  1. what did erathosthenes do?
    calculates the circumference of Earth
  2. what's Ptolemy's world atlas?
    helped to establish bounderies, included longitude and latitude...
  3. what did the vikings do?
    explored the atlantic and settles in Greenlandand Iceland. Made considerable improvements in ship design
  4. what did the arabs do
    gained more knowledge of winds and currents and established trade routes in the Indian Ocean
  5. Chinese?
    • very isolates
    • -voyages were prevelent
  6. europeans
    • driven by nation pride
    • -more land, golds and goods (spices)
  7. christopher columbus
    • led 4 expeditions to find better routes to the east indies.
    • landed in the carribeans and thought he was in india
  8. Ferdinand Magellan
    mission was to sail around the world. Later killed by the philipiines.
  9. Sir Francis Drake
    • funded by queen elizabeth.
    • ataacked spanish vessels and stole gold and goods.
    • queen knighted him afterwards
  10. James Cook
    credited with the european discovery of hawaii
  11. what's the 1870 challenger expedition
    british scientists embarked on an expedition to learn about the ocean.
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