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  1. What is homily?
    • Noun
    • A sermon stressing moral principles; a tedious moralizinglecture of discourse.

  2. What is aficionado?
    • an enthusiastic and usualyl expert follower or fan.
    • Noun
    • 'na
  3. What is foray?
    • Noun
    • A quick raid, especially for plunder; a venture into some field of endeavor;
    • Verb
    • to make such a raid

  4. What is insouciant?
    • Adjective
    • blithely indiferrent or uncocnerned; carefree; happy go lcky.
    • 'su
  5. What is browbeat?
    • Verb
    • To intimidate by a stern or overbearing manner; to bully.
    • 'brau
  6. What is emolument?
    • Noun
    • Profit derived from n office or position or from employment; a fee or salary.
    • 'mol
  7. What is immure?
    • Verb
    • to enclose or confine within walls; to imprison; to secludeor isolate.
    • 'myur
  8. What is commensurate?
    • Adjective
    • Eqal in size, extent, dration or importance; proportionate; measurableby the same standards.

  9. What is diaphanous?
    • Adjective
    • Very sheer and light; almost ocmpletely transperent.
    • 'af
  10. What is genre?
    • Noun
    • a type, calss or vaierty especially a distinctive category of literary composition; a stlye of painting in which everyday scenes are realistically depicted.
    • 'zhan
  11. What is sacrosanct?
    • Adjective
    • Very sacred or holy; inviolabl; set apart or immune from questioning or attack.

  12. What is vicissitude?
    • Noun
    • A change, variation, or alteration;
    • Pl.
    • Successive or changing phases or conditions

  13. What is matrix?
    • Noun
    • A mold; the surroundign situation or environment

  14. What is systemic?
    • adjective
    • of or pertaining to the entire body; relating to a system or systems.

  15. What is obsequies?
    • Noun
    • Funeral rites or ceremonies.

  16. What is tendentious?
    • Adjective
    • Intended to promote a particlar point of view, doctrine, or case; biased or partisan.

  17. What is persona?
    • Noun
    • A charaqcter in a novel or play; the outward character or role that a person assumes.

  18. What is panache?
    • Noun
    • A confident and stylish manner, dash; a strikingly elaborate or colorful display.

  19. What is prurient?
    • Adjective
    • Having lustful desires or itnerests; tending to arouse sexual desires.

  20. What is philippic?
    • Noun
    • A bitter verbal attack.
    • 'liip
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