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  1. Achilles Heel
    Someone's fatal flaw or vulnerability.
  2. Albatross
    An omen of good or bad luck. As well as a burden to be carried.
  3. All The World's a Stage
    All people are actors in life. Their actions already scripted out.
  4. Acient Mariner
    Someone who goes around telling stories.
  5. Apocalypse
    End of the world.
  6. Armageddon
    The final battle.
  7. Augustan Age
    Period of highest state of purity and refinement of any national literature.
  8. Banquo's Ghost
    An unwished reminder of a past crime.
  9. Bermuda Triangle
    Used for unexplained or mysterious disappointments.
  10. Best Laid Plans
    Even the most prepared plans could go wrong.
  11. Cain & Abel
    Two brothers who's relationship ends in violent disagreement.
  12. Camelot
    A place of government or an inner circle of advisors. (Idealized place, morals, chivalry)
  13. Big Brother
    Government control
  14. Alpha and Omega
    Aspect of being eternally encompassing. (before beginning and after ending)
  15. Bloody Mary
    Mean lady who burns people in the name of religious zealotry.
  16. Bohemian
    A person who lives an unconventional, free lifestyle.
  17. Brutus and Cassius
    Represents being stabbed in the back by someone close to you.
  18. Bioronic
    Having characteristics of the poet George Gordon, such as being melancholic, passionate, and melodramatic. And having disregard for societal norms.
  19. Catch 22
    A situtation where no matter what you do something bad will happen.
  20. Catharsis
  21. Cyrano
    Reffering to a failed attempt at something.
  22. Dionysian
    Someone who is wild, rejects rules.
  23. David & Goliath
    Great odds can be overcome if the underdog has motivation.
  24. Don Juan
    Man who loves seducing women.
  25. Don Quixote
    To be foolish or impractically idealistic.
  26. Dorian Gray
    Outward appearance of innonce and youth while ugly on the inside.
  27. For Whom The Bell Tolls
    We are all a part of mankind, any person's death is a loss to all of us.
  28. Galahad
    One considered to be noble, pure, or chivalrous.
  29. The Four Horsemen
    Four men that bring apon world ending destruction.
  30. Dark Satanic Mills
    Pertains to anything that damages nature, corrupts or negatively changes mankind.
  31. Face That Launched a Thousand Ships
    Refers to Helen of Troy. She was the reason they started the war. (Pretty)
  32. Frankenstein
    A warning that a creation will destory its master.
  33. Garden of Eden
    A perfect of unspoiled place.
  34. Gatsby
    Self-made American businessman with a shady past.
  35. Ganulet
    "Throwin down the Ganulet." Issuing a challenge.
  36. Gothic
    Bleak setting, villian, damsel in distress. (Also archeticture)
  37. Hatfields & McCoys
    Any bitterly fueding rival parties.
  38. Iago
    A trusted person who causes misery. (Based off Othelo)
  39. Icarus
    One who makes rash decisions or ignores warnings.
  40. Immaculate Conception
    Something that came about in an unexplanable manner.
  41. Hair of Samson
    Strength or pact with God.
  42. Excalibar
    A weapon of might and mystery.
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