Appendicular skeletal system

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  1. how many ribs are there?
    13-18 pairs depends on species
  2. what are the types of ribs?
    flat and curved
  3. where do ribs attatch?
    along the surface at the thoratic vertebrae
  4. what are true ribs?
    attatch dorsally at the thoratic vertebra also attatch ventrally at sternum
  5. what are flase ribs?
    attatch into sternum by cartilage
  6. what are floating ribs?
    some dont attatch at all to the sternum
  7. what do the ribs form? 
    the thorasic way, which protects the heart and lungs
  8. what is the sternum?
    breast bone plate
  9. how is the sternum created?
    unpaired series of flat bones and cartilage
  10. where is the attachment for the true ribs?
  11. what is the name for the last sternabrae?
    xyphoid process
  12. what bones are forelimbs?
    • scapula¬†
    • humerus
    • radius/ulna
    • carpus
    • metacarpals
    • phllanges
  13. what bones are the hindlimbs?
    • femur
    • tibia
    • fibula
    • tarsalmetatarsals¬†
    • phallanges
  14. what are joints for?
    articulation between bones and cartilage
  15. cranial
    towards the head (not for hindlimbs)
  16. caudal
    towards the tail (hindend) not for limbs
  17. mid-line
    Actual line that splits the body into left and right halfs
  18. lateral
    away from midline
  19. medial
    towards the midline
  20. ventral
    towards the belly
  21. dorsal
    towards the back
  22. point of origin always relates to______?
  23. distal
    further away from midline (used when describing limbs)
  24. proximal
    closer to the point of origin (used when describing limbs)
  25. rostrally
    towards the nose
  26. buccal surface
    contact with cheek
  27. labial surface
    contact with lips
  28. palatal surface
    contact with roof of mouth
  29. lingual surface
    tooth in contact with tongue
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