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  1. Position:
    separation from a reference point
  2. Distance:
    separation between two objects
  3. Scalar:
    a quantity that only has magnitude or size
  4. Vector:
    a quantity that has both magnitude and direction
  5. Displacement:
    magnitude and direction of an object’s change in position (a vector); can be positive or negative
  6. Distance:
    a scalar quantity
  7. Speed:
    ratio of distance traveled to time interval
  8. Velocity:
    ratio of change in position to time interval over which change took place
  9. Constant velocity:
    if v is the same for all time intervals
  10. Slope of position-time graph
    is velocity
  11. If position-time graph is a straight line
     object is moving at constant velocity.
  12. Instantaneous velocity:
    velocity of an object at a given instant
  13. Instantaneous velocity
    is slope of the tangent at the time on a position-time graph
  14. Acceleration:
    ratio of the change in velocity to the time interval over which it occurs.
  15. Slope of velocity-time graph
    is acceleration
  16. For uniform acceleration
    Velocity-time graph is a straight line
  17. Area under a velocity-time graph
    is displacement.
  18. Area under acceleration-time graph
    is change in velocity.
  19. Acceleration is constant during upward or downward motion
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