Sociological Theory

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  1. What is Theoretical Perspective?
    What is a model?
    • A model which intergrates various information about society and makes assumptions about society.
    • Each model gives meaning to what we see and experience and there are consequences from using a particular model.
  2. Describe The Functionalist Perspective
    • Herbert Spencer and Emile Durkeim 
    • Central Problem to understand society: Mainting social order 
    • Society is a system of intereated parts. All the parts act together despite their differences. 
    • Institutions are parts of the social system and they act to bring about order in society.
    • Overall order of the system is achieved when balance is maintained.
    • Social structures in sociert promote intergration, stability,
    • consensus, and balance.
    • social structures promote intergration, consensus, stability, and balance.
  3. Describe functionalist's view of crime
    • Is bound up with the fundamental conditions with all social life. 
    • Served as a social function.
    • A necessity for change and sometimes directly causes change to occure.
    • Useful prelude to reforms
    • a form of release of social tension and have a purging or cleansing effect on society.
  4. Describe functionalist's view of law
    • Durkheim was one of the founding fathers of the field of sociology of law.
    • Repressive VS restitutive (characterized by their sanctions) as direct
    • reflection as the type of social solidarity.

    • Reveals the nature of Social solidarity 
    • Individualism,a basis of human rights, is different from selfishness and egoism, which to Durkheim, isn't moral stances at all. 
  5. Describe functionalist's view of suicide
    • Suicide(1897)
    • Different suicide rates between the Protestants and Catholics explored by Durkheim.
    • Catholic-normal level of integration while Protestants has a lower level. 
    • Problemswith this interpretation
    • Research data were taken from earlier researchers(Adolf Wagner & Henry Morselli)
    • Dataseemed to be limited to German-speaking people, which maybe aspurious of other factors influenced
    • proponents of control theory, and is often mentions in clasical sociology.
  6. Durkheim's four types of suicide includes...
  7. Eleborate "social system" in the functionalist's perspective. 
  8. Functionalist's perspective on the purpose with system
  9. What is Menifest Functions?
  10. Explain Latent Functions.
  11. What is dysfunction in sociological theory?
  12. Critique of Functionalism. 
    Eleborate 'Functionalism Resists change.
  13. Critique of Functionalism.
    Functionalism is inherently Conservative. 
  14. Explain The Conflict Perspective
  15. Explain Conflict and Change in the view of Conflict Perpective
  16. Who benefits in Conflict and Change based on the Conflict Perspective?
  17. Explain ideolgy (Conflict Perspective's)
  18. Explain and elaborate 'The Interactinist Perspective'
  19. 'Change' in the Interactionist Perspective explains that...
  20. What are Reference groups in the Interactionist Perspective?
  21. Symbolic interactions are described in the Interactionist perspective to be...
  22. Interactionist Perspective
    Shared meaning explains that...
  23. Functionalists
    View society 
    Level of analysis emphasized
    View of the Social Order
    View of Social Change
  24. Conflict 
    View society
    Level of analysis emphasized
    View of the Social Order
    View of Social Change
  25. Interactionist
    View society 
    Level of analysis emphasized
    View of the Social Order
    View of Social Change
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