Psychology Midterm Review (Chp. 2)

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  1. As interest rates increasse, house sales decline, indicating

    a) A direct correlation between the two variables
    b) A positive correlation between the two variables
    c) No correlation between the two variable
    d) A negative correlation between the two variables
  2. In an experiment, the variable that is controlled or manipulated by the researcher is called the

    a) Dependent variable
    b) Independent variable
    c) Stimulus variable
    d) Control variable
  3. NASA wanted to know if extended periods of weightlessness would have an impact on long-term circulatory function. The agency located seven former astronauts who had spent more than one month in space under conditions of weightlesness, and tested all aspect of their  cardiovascular function. NASA's research with these seven astronauts would be considered to be

    a) Survey research
    b) Correlational research
    c) Experimental research
    d) Case study research
  4. The scientific approach shows that

    a) There are no general laws or principle that apply to human behavior
    b) Events are governed by some lawful order
    c) Each event is completely unique
    d) The search for absolute truth is the ultimate goal
  5. Scarlett is a graduate student who is observing children playing together after watching a film. She knows that some children saw a film that contained graphic scenes of violence and some children saw a non- violent film, but she doesn't know which film each child she is observing watched. In this case, Scarlett is recording data for

    a) A double blind research film
    b) An unethical research study
    c) A study with two independent variables
    d) A correlational study with confounded variable
  6. The two basuc types of study are

    a) Sampling and correlative
    b) Parametric and nonparametric
    c) Descripitive and inferntial
    d) Central tendency and variability
  7. Imagine that the personality traits of openness and extroversion are positively correlated. If Andrea's score in openness is extremely low

    a) She would most likely score at the high end of the extroversion scale
    b) It is impossible to predict how she is likely to score on the ectroversion scale without more information
    c) She would probably score close to the median on the extroversion scale
    d) She would most likely score at the low end of the extroversion scale
  8. To determine whether students would like more courses scheduled in the late afternoon and evening hours, the Student Services department send questionnaires to 50 students selected at random from the 5,000 who are registered at the campus. In this instance, the 5,000 students who are registered at the campus would be

    a) A population
    b) The independent variable
    c) A biased sample
    d) A representative sample
  9. To discover whether residents of a city are in favor of building a new sportd stadium, the team's owner randomly selected and interviewed 500 of the city's 500,000 residents. In this instance, the 500 people that the owner interviewed would be

    a) The dependent variable
    b) A representative sample
    c) A biased sample
    d) A population
  10. Melvin and Leigh are interviewing students at their campus to determine if the students agree or disagree with a proposed policy change. Melvin believes the proposed policy change is a good idea, but Leigh believes the change is bad for students. Nearly all the students who Melvin interviewed supported the policy change, but nearly all the students who Leigh interviewed disapproved of the change. The differences in the results illustrate the potential impact of

    a) Experimental bias
    b) The placebo effect
    c) Confounded dependent variables
    d) Double blind research studies
  11. Manipulating a variable under carefully controlled conditions and observing the changes in a second variable defines

    a) Naturalistic Observation
    b) The experimental approach
    c) The testing apporach
    d) The survey approach
  12. The tendency for survey subjects to provide answers that place them in a favorable light is referred to as

    a) Respone stereotyping
    b) A placebo effect
    c) Sampling bias
    d) Socially desirable responding
  13. Which research method involves a researcher engaging in careful observation of behavior without intervening directly with the subjects?

    a) Case studies
    b) Naturalistis observation
    c) Criterion based induction
    d) Surveys
  14. Dr. Jacobsen in investigating the link between social and support networks and grades in school. Students in his classes are required to complete survey forms related to this research; however they are never told about the purpose of the survey. In this case, some researchers might argue that Dr. Jacobsen's research violates the ethical principle of

    a) Right to policy
    b) Informed consent
    c) Protection for harm
    d) Full disclosure
  15. Laura answered a series of written questions that asked about her attitude and opinions on a number of current issues. The method of data collection that was being used in this case was

    a) Archival research
    b) A questionare
    c) Direct observation
    d) A standard psychological test
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