Advanced English 10 Semester Exam Vocabulary List Elida Ohio

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Advanced English 10 Semester Exam Vocabulary List Elida Ohio
2012-12-15 18:05:23
Vocabulary Exam

Vocab Semester exam
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  1. Adulterate
    To corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser value
  2. Augment
    To make larger, increase
  3. Dour
    Stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored
  4. Gibe
    To utter taunting words; an expression of scorn
  5. Insidious
    Intended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous
  6. Stolid
    Not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive
  7. Warily
    Cautiously, with great care
  8. Amicable
    Peaceable, friendly
  9. Cursory
    Hasty, not thorough
  10. Extol
    To praise extravagantly
  11. Impervious
    Not affected or hurt by; admitting of no passage or entrance
  12. Meticulous
    Extremely careful; particular about details
  13. Scrutinize
    To examine closely
  14. Tepid
    Lukewarm; unenthusiastic, marked by an absence of interest
  15. Coerce
    To compel, force
  16. Exhilarate
    To enliven, cheer, give spirit or liveliness to
  17. Muse
    To think about in a dreamy way, ponder
  18. Perpetuate
    To make permanent or long lasting
  19. Punitive
    Inflicting or aiming at punishment
  20. Sojourn
    A temporary stay; to stay for a time
  21. Urbane
    Refined in manner or style, suave
  22. Ascertain
    To find out
  23. Cogent
    Forcefuful, convincing; relevant, to the point
  24. Disperse
    To scatter, spread far and wide
  25. Expunge
    To erase, obliterate, destroy
  26. Scrupulous
    Exact, careful, attending thoroughly to details; having high moral standards, principled
  27. Uncanny
    Strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation
  28. Venial
    Easily excused; pardonable
  29. Altruistic
    Unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others
  30. Clemency
    Mercy, humaneness; mildness, moderateness
  31. Diffident
    Shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved
  32. Pungent
    Causing a sharp sensation; stinging, biting
  33. Temerity
    Rashness, boldness
  34. Truculent
    Fierce and cruel; aggresive; deadly, destructive; scathingly harsh
  35. Unfeigned
    Sincere, real, without pretense
  36. Accede
    To yield to; to assume an office or dignity
  37. Deft
    Skillful, nimble
  38. Officious
    Meddling; excessively forward in offering services or assuming authority
  39. Solace
    Comfort, relief; to comfort, console
  40. Supple
    Bending easily; bending with agility; readily adaptable; servile
  41. Suppress
    To stop by force, put down
  42. Venal
    Open to or marked by bribery or corruption