Psychology Midterm Review ( Chp. 1)

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  1. The person who established America's first psychological research laboratory and who launched America's first psychology journal was

    a) John Watson
    b) G. Stanley Hall
    c) Edward Titchener
    d) William James
  2. The method used to examine the contents of consciousness by early psychologists that involved the careful systematic self observation of your own conscious experience is known as

    a) Natural selection
    b) Structuralism
    c)  Introspection
    d) Behaviorism
  3. The person responsible for establishing psychology as an independent discipline with its own subject matter is

    a) Wilhelm Wundt
    b) G. Stanley Hall
    c) Rene Descartes
    d) William James
  4. The psychologist who took the position that organisms tend to repeat responses that lead to positive outcomes and tend not to repeat responses that lead to neutral or negative outcomes was

    a) Abraham Maslow
    b) Carl Rogers
    c) Sigmund Frued
    d) B.F Skinner
  5. According to a behaviorist, an overt (observable) response or activity by an organism is

    a) A stimulus
    b) Behaviorism
    c) The unconscious
    d) Behavior
  6. According to historians, the "birth" of psychology occurred in

    a) 1859 in England
    b) 1883 in the United States
    c) 1909 in the United States
    d) 1879 in Germany
  7. The term that refers to the mental processes involved in acquiring knowledge is

    a) Empiricism
    b) Introspection
    c) Cognition
    d) Pedagogy
  8. The notion that unconscious motivations can influence our overt behavior is most consistent with the view of

    a) Wilhelm Wundt
    b) Carl Rogers
    c) Simgmund Freud
    d) B.F Skinner
  9. A psychologist whose major interest focuses on how behavior changes as a function of age would probably be considered a

    a) Developmental psychologist
    b) Social psychologist
    c) Physiological psychologist
    d) Cognitivr psychologist
  10. Which of the following areas is least likely to be considered an applied area of psychology?

    a) Industrial psychology
    b) Education psychology
    c) Developmental psychology
    d) Clinical psychology
  11. A psychologist who works on trying to increase job satisfaction and productivity in a large company would most likely have received training in

    a) Clinical psychology
    b) Industrial and organizational psychology
    c) Counseling psychology
    d) Educational and school psychology
  12. Which of the following areas of research in psychology is concerned with understanding the role of the endocrine system in the regulation of behavior

    a) Physiological psychology
    b) Cognitive psychology
    c) Developmentl psychology
    d) Psychometrics
  13. Humanism, emphasis on the unique qualities of freedom and personal growth
    Abraham Maslow
  14. Behavior explained in terms of physiological processes
    Biological perspective
  15. Viewing one's own group as superior and as the standard for judging
  16. Bases of bevior in humans and animals
    Evolutionary perspective
  17. Work to improve curriculum design achievement testing, and teacher training
    Education psychologist
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