Psychology Midterm Review (Chp.5)

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  1. A device that measures electrical activity in the brain over time by the means of recording electrodes attached to the surface if the skin is

    a) A CT skan
    b) A FMRI
    c) Electroencephalograph
    d) AN MRI
  2. Studies indicate that partial sleep deprivation can impair which of the following?

    a) Decision making
    b) Attention
    c) Reaction time
    d) Attention, reaction time, and decision making
  3. Freud called the contents of our waking life that spill our dreams

    a) The day residue
    b) Reticular synthesis
    c) Manifest content
    d) Wish fullfillment
  4. Iris has been asleep for less than an hour. Her parents are suprised when she walks into the living room, and they tell her to go back to sleep. The next day Iris does not remember getting up after she went to bed. From this description it appears that Iris experienced

    a) A nightmare
    b) An episode of sleep apnea
    c) Somnambulism
    d) A night terror
  5. The evidence from numerous studies suggest that the negative effects of shift rotation can be reduced if

    a) The workers take melatonin at the end of their work shift
    b) The workers have progressively later starting times adn have longer periods between shift changes
    c) The workers are not exposed to bright light at anytime during their work week
    d) The workers take melatonin at the most of their work shift
  6. Hypnosis owes its beginnnings to the work of which of the following?

    a) Hary Houdini
    b) Sigmund Freud
    c) Franz Anton Mesmer
    d) Ernest Hilgard
  7. During sleep, there is

    a) No awareness of external stimuli
    b) Awarness of all external stimuli
    c) No awarness of either or internal stimuli
    d) Selective awarness of external stimuli
  8. Signals sent from the suprachiasmatic nucleus to the pineal gland have been implicated in

    a) Inducing sleep
    b) Resetting circadian rhythms
    c) Causing one to dream
    d) Alpha rhythm generation
  9. The results of the Featured Study on the effects of sleep deprivation show that when compared to members of the control group, participiants who were deprived of sleep

    a) Scored significantly lower on a measure of mood
    b) Performed at about the same level on cognitive tasks
    c) Maintained a significant level of irritability weeks after the study
    d) Rated their effort, concentration and performance higher
  10. The most widely used recreation drug in the United States is

    a) MDMA
    b) Marijuana
    c) Alcohol
    d) Cocaine
  11. Opiates such as morphine and heroin have a capacity to

    a) Improve memory
    b) Enhance sensory awarness
    c) Alleviate pain
    d) Do all these things
  12. The theorist who advanced the wish fulfillment idea about dreaming is

    a) Cartwright
    b) Freud
    c) McCarley
    d) Hobson
  13. The uses of dreams to allow people to engage in creative thinking about pressing personal issues is the claim of which theory of dreaming

    a) Activation synthesis theory of dreams
    b) Problem solving theory of dream
    c) Wish fulfillments theory of dreams
    d) Neural overflow hypothesis of dreams
  14. If selectively deprived of REM sleep, a person will later experience

    a) Emotionality
    b) REM rebound
    c) NREM
    d) Hypochondriasis
  15. The awarness of self, your thoughts, internal sensations and external stimuli is defined as

    a) Consciousness
    b) Hypnosis
    c) Perception
    d) Sensation
  16. Alica is taking a prescription drug to help treat her narcolepsy. She finds that when he takes the drug she feels extremely restlesss snd irritable and she loses her appetite. It is likely that Alicia's physician has prescribed

    a) A stimulant
    b) A sedative
    c) A hallucinogen
    d) A narcotic
  17. The hormone that appears to play a key role in adjusting our biological clock id

    a) Serotonin
    b) Phenylalanine
    c) Cholecystokinin
    d) Melatonin
  18. Psychoactive drugs are chemicals that alter one's

    a) Emotional abuse
    b) Behavioral functioning
    c) Mental Condidtion
    d) Emotional state, behavioral functioning and mental condition
  19. Sleeep inducing drugs are classified as

    a) Hallucinogens
    b) Sedatives
    c) Narcotics
    d) Soporifics
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