endocrine system

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  1. name the 8 glands that make up the endocrine system
    • thyroid
    • parathyroid
    • ovaries
    • testes
    • pancreas 
    • pituitary
    • adrenals
    • pineal
  2. explain the main facts on the pituitary gland
    • -small gland
    • -controls all the other glands "orchestra leader"
  3. explain the functions of the thyroid gland and its excretions functions
    • -excrete thyoxin and calcitonin
    • -thyoxin regulates growth, development and metabolism
    • -calcitonin promotes calcium absorbtion into the bones and decreased concentration in the blood.
  4. explain the main facts on the parathyroid gland
    • embedded in the thyroid gland
    • main function is to regulate the calcium and phosphorus intake in the blood and bones
  5. explain the main facts and functions of the adrenal glands
    • located close to the kidneys
    • secreate epinephrin
    • epinephrin stimulates the sympathetic nervous system
  6. explain the main facts and functions of the pineal gland
    • produces melatonnin
    • affects ovarian function and circadian rhythems
  7. explain the main facts and functions of the pancreas
    • secreates insulen,glucagon and pancreatic polypeptide
    • regulates use and storage of carbohydrate
    • decreases blood sugar levles
    • gulcagon increases blood sugar levels
  8. list the main facts and functions of the testes and ovaries
    • female-estrogen-estrus and secondary sexual characteristics
    • male-testosterone-development of secondary sexual characteristics
  9. what is the function of the endocrine system
    a system of glands that produce and excrete hormones that are chemical compounds that are produced in one part of the body and act on or influence another part of the body. They depend on the lymph glands and capillaries for secretion into the circulatory system
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