the skeletal system 1-2

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  1. what are the components of the skeletal system.
    • skeletal muscles
    • bones
    • joints and bursae
  2. what are the 6 main functions of the skeletal system?
    • supports entire body
    • provides system of levers in which enable muscles to work
    • protective mechanism for internal organs
    • protects spinal cord
    • bones act as storage areas for bone marrow and minerals
    • bones supprt and give shape to body
  3. what are the four bone classifactions?
    • long (femur and humerus)
    • flat (sternum, scapula, pelvis)
    • short (carpus, tarsus)
    • irregular (vertebrae or inner ear, os penis of dog)
  4. what are some facts and functions of the brain?
    • includes cranium (brain case) and facial bones
    • protects brain and organs
    • skull bones immobile except mandiable
    • skull bones united by sutures
  5. facts and functions of cranial bones
    • frontal bone forms forehead and helps form orbit
    • parential bones form roof of mouth and upper part of skull
    • occipital bone forms back of skull
  6. facts and functions of facial bones
    • maxilla-two maxxilary bones form upper jaw nose orbits and roof of mouth
    • mandiable-forms lower jaw only movable jaw in skull
    • turbinate bones of upper respiratory tract are within the maxillary bonesĀ 
  7. what are the four types of bite?
    • undershot
    • scissor bite
    • overshot
    • level bite
  8. what is the hyoid bone?
    cartialage or bone
  9. main facts and functions of the vertebral column
    • called spinal colum or backbone
    • comprised of numerous vertebrae
  10. what are the types of vertebrae?
    • cervical vertebrae (neck)
    • thoratic vertebrae (thoratic cavity)
    • lumbar vertbrae (lower back)
    • sacral vertebrae (pelvic)
    • coccygeal vertebrae (tail)
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