muscular system

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  1. what is the 4  main functions of the muscular system?
    • to acheive movement
    • support and maintain posture
    • produce body heat
    • help form many internal organs such as heart uterus lungs and intestines
  2. what are the main facts and functions of muscles?
    • three types skeletal smooth and cardiac
    • form of body determined by muscles covering bones
    • comprised of long slender cells called fibers
    • fibers contract causing movement
  3. main functions of skeletal muscles
    • used during activities as walking eating eye movement and tail wagging
    • voluntary muscles (controlled at will)
  4. main functions of cardiac muscles
    • involuntary muscle found in heart
    • controlled by autonomic nervous system
  5. main functions of the smooth muscles
    • involuntary
    • move digestive tract, secretory glands and blood vessels
    • sheet of fibers wrapped around tubes and vessels
    • found in body parts such as stomach intestines uterus blood vessels and iris of eye
  6. where do the muscles attatch?
    • voluntary muscles attatch to bone
    • in larynx and thorax attatch to cartilage
  7. name 3 special muscles and there functions
    • arrector pili-smooth muscle attaatched to dorsum contract when stimulated to raise hair on back
    • cutaneous trunci-attatched to dermis, causes insect repelling skin twitch in large animals such as horses
    • cremaster-raises and lowers testicles in response to temperature
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