cardiovascular system

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  1. what are the four parts included in the cardio system?
    • heart
    • blood vessels
    • blood 
    • blood circulation
  2. name the main facts and functions of the heart
    • devided into four chambers
    • right ventricle        left ventricle
    • right atrium           left atrium

    heart is seperated from the thoratic cavity wall by the lungs and the pleura
  3. what is the cardiac cycle?
    • contraction (systole)
    • relaxation (diastole)
    • of the atria and the ventricles
  4. name the three types of blood vessels
    capillaries, veins, arteries
  5. name the main facts and functions of the arteries
    • carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the body
    • thick elasticated walls
    • deeper than veins
  6. facts and functions of veins
    • hollow tubes simialar to arteries with thinner less elastic walls
    • transport blood back to the heart
    • veins have backflow valves to prevent backflow in the veins
  7. main functions and facts on capillaries
    distribute the blood to the tissues from the aterioles pick up the blood and return it to the venules
  8. main facts and functions of blood
    • 60% liquid (plasma) 
    • 40% formed elements such as WBC,RBC,and PLts
    • transports oxygen
    • distributes nutrience
    • collects waste products delivers to excretory organs for excretion
  9. what is the pulse?
    pulse is produced by the blood pumping out of the heart and into the aorta
  10. how does the blood circulate through the body, explain systemic circulation?
    comprised of portal circulation (through the liver) and the pulmonary circulation (through the lungs)
  11. what are the main vessels for venupuncture?
    • femoral
    • cephalic
    • saphenous
    • jugular
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