Motor Starters

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  1. Direct online starters are used for which applications?
    -Small machines starting on full load such as A small air compressor motow starting on full load
  2. Star-Delta starters are used for which applications?
    Machines starting on no load or light load where there is a need to reduce starting current such as a fan or pump motor where DOL current would be too high
  3. An autotransformer starter is used for which applications?
    For higher starting load of higher start inertia where current reduction is important such as on a pump motor on load where star-delta does not provide sufficiant torque
  4. Primary resistance starters are used which applications?
    For high inertia loads where starting time can be extended or adjusted such as on large motors with light load at start eg/blower
  5. Secondary resistance starters are used for which applications?
    Highest load applications where best torque and lowest current is required such as a large pump motor starting with full-load torque
  6. Electronic starters are used for which applications? 
    They can be programmed for all applications such as a glass bottle conveyor belt
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