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  1. AARD: What is the Food Safety and Animall Health Division?
    • Works with industry to implement effective food safety systems
    • works with producers and processors on food safety surv programs
    • works with industry and other partners to devlop appropriate animal health and food saftey policy, legislation, regulation and emergency response management
    • ensures that information created from our programs and projects is used effectively to promo the safety and marketability of AB agri and food products
  2. What are teh 7 regulations under the Animal Health Act?
    • Destruction and disposal of dead animals regulation
    • livestock disease control regulation
    • livestock market and livestock assembling regulation
    • production animal medicine regualtion
    • reporatble and notifiable disease regulation
    • traceability premises ID regulation
    • tracability livestock ID regualtion
  3. What is the purpose of the Animal Health Act?
    • Seeks to facilitate a rapid and effective response to animal disease occurance by authorizing control measures against disease spread, animal disease surveillance, traceability, carcass disposal provision, livestock market inspecion and licensing and control of the sale of production medicine
    • PURPOSE: is to minimize the impacts of animal disease in agri animals in AB and to enhance market access, good health and saefty through effective disease control measures
  4. Who do reportable and notifiable disease notifications go to?
    Office of the Chief Provinical Veterinarian
  5. Differentiate between reportable and notifiable diseases
    • reporable disease: pose threats to market access the economy and or animal or public health
    • require immediate action to control or eradicate them
    • ~15
    • notifiable disease:  monitored for trade purposes or to understand their dynamics/ epidemiology in AB
    • ~22
    • no action taken
  6. How many sections does the 2nd Branch the Animal Health Branch have?
    • Pathology section
    • Epidemiology section
    • Animal Health Programs section
  7. What are the 2 components of the AVSN?
    • Veterinary Practive Surveillance (framework for vets to share info via web for detection and warning
    • Disease investigation Program
    • -livestock pathology consultation Program (assist private vets in investigating problems)
    • -livestock disease investigation network (investiage unresolved livestock disease issues)
  8. What are some of the surveillance programs?
    • Canada Alberta BSE program
    • National Scrapie Surveillance Program
    • Chronic Wasting disease Program
    • Poultry health program
    • Salmonella Enteritidis monitoring in layer flocks (industry program)
    • Canadian Animal Health Surveillance Network
    • Specified Risk Material Program
    • AVSN
    • Canadian integrated program for Antimicrobial resistance surveillance
  9. What are the three divisions of the Safe Food Branch
    • divisonal services section
    • food surveillance section
    • safe food systems section
  10. What is the purpose of the Safe Food Branch
    • develop info on food safety issues which have an impact on market access
    • coordinate the role of AB in ensuring safe fppd systems are maintained by industry
    • -OFFSP and HACCP experts to assist industry with adoption of food safety process control systems
    • -audits, reviews, international standards info
    • -tracking hazards along food chain by collecting, analysing, and interpreting data and give out the info
  11. What are the sections of the Agri-food Laboratories Branch?
    • biology section
    • chemistry section
    • biocontainment level 3 support section
  12. What is the purpose of the Agri food laboratories branch?
    • gate-to-plate focus get tissue and sample
    • food safety, market access and animal health issues
    • member of the canadian animal health surveillance network
  13. what are laboratory analyses for?
    • surveillance projects
    • baseline studies
    • other projects and research collaborations
    • AB reportable and notifiable diseases
    • disease invenstigations
    • client submissions
    • method development and validation
    • validate if it is working or not
  14. What are the parts of the Food Safety and Animal Health Division of AARD?
    • office of the chief provincial vet
    • animal health branch (pathology, epidemiology, animal health programs sections)
    • safe food branch (divisional services, food surveillance, safe food systems sections)
    • agrifood laboratories branch (biology, chemistry, biocontainment level 3 and support sections)
  15. under the agrifood laboratories branch what are even further biology sub sections?
    • veterinary microbiology
    • isolation and ID of animal pathogens from animal matrices (tissues, feathers, litters, chics, enviro samples)
    • antimocrobial susceptibility testing
    • Molecular biology
    • real time PCR for foodborne pathogens and organisms of interest to animal health and those affecting market access
    • genetic fingerprinting
    • DNA sequences of genetic fingerprinting
    • method of development and validation
    • Immunology
    • ELISA assays using robotic work stations
    • flourescent antibody test
    • Food Microbiology microorgansims
    • perishability indicators (pH and water)
    • pasteurization tests
    • antibiotic residues
    • Parasitology
    • parasite isolation and ID
    • vet parasitology diagnostics
    • lifecycle/transmission of parasites
    • method validation
    • consultation
  16. under the agrifood laboratories branch what are the jobs of the Chemistry sections?
    • Detection of chemical residues in agri-food products: vet drugs, heavy metals, enviro contaminants, pesticides, mycotoxins
    • Food safety and market access issues related to agu food production in AB
  17. *** What is involved in the Biocontainment level 3 and support section
    • containment level 3 facility
    • TSE laboratory
    • Media Preperation
    • waste disposal
    • lab materials and supplies
    • dangerous goods shippin
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