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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Rachel Thorpe and I am here to talk to you about my service learning project.
  2. For my project I did Coastal Cleanup. 
    Coastal Cleanup is a volunteer program where you clean up beaches, parks, etc.
    I cleaned up Safety Harbor's mangroves and it was fun!
  3. Coastal Cleanup is a nationwide activity for picking up trash.
  4. If you think about it you probably would not want to get up at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning and pick up trash.
    You would probably want to sleep in or watch cartoons.
  5. But imagine this, walking through the park with no trash on the ground or enjoying the beach with no cigarettes in the sand.
  6. Do you think that's even possible?

    Well it is, if all of us help out.
  7. Every year nationwide you can do Coastal Cleanup.

    But you don't have to wait to make a difference.  Each one of us can make things better by not littering and by picking up trash when we see it.
  8. The lady I interviewed is Ms. Sherri Kennedy and she is the Recycling Coordinator for the city of Safety Harbor, FL.
  9. I met her when I volunteered at Coastal Cleanup.  I asked her some questions about Coastal Cleanup, and this is what I learned:

    (review Q & A)
  10. Here are some interesting facts about Coastal Cleanup

  11. Here are some new words I learned while doing my project:

    (review glossary)
  12. If you want to get involved and make a difference to our community, go online to

    KAB.org or KeepPinellasBeautiful.com
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