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  1. To be elected president of the US, a person must
    a person must have been a US resident for 14 years
  2. if the president pro tempre became president, which of the following would be correct?
    The president, vice president, and speaker had died, resigned, or been removed from offfice.
  3. the qualifications for becoming president are set forth by
    the US Constitution.
  4. in the official role of chief executive, the president is responsible for
    Carrying out the nation's laws
  5. If the vice president succeeds to the presidency, the
    new president chooses a new vice presided, who must then be approved by Congress
  6. The president suggest new programs and policies in an annal
    State of the Union Address.
  7. When awarding medals to winners at this year's Special Olympics, the president was carrying out the role of chief
    of state
  8. All of the following are departments of the executive branch EXCEPT the Department of 
  9. Regulatory commissions
    are independent of he executive departments.
  10. Afarmer believes that radiation from a nervy nuclear power plant has hurt his crops. If he wants a federal investigation to be conducted, he should contact the 
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  11. As commader in chief of the armed forces, the president
    can send US troops abroad.
  12. The Department of State is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT
    enforcing immigration laws.
  13. The executive department responsible for helping farms raise and market crops in the Department of 
  14. Acitizen is concered about helping the homeless of her comnity find decent places to live. Her local city council asks her to seek federal funds to support her ideas and programs. Which executive department would she countact?
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development
  15. To be elected president of the US, a person must be at least
    35 years old.
  16. The only president to be elected to four terms in office is 
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  17. Under the Constituion
    only Congress can declare war.
  18. Who said "Ask not what your country ca do for you-ask what you ca do for your country" ?
    John F. Kennedy
  19. Which of the following is NOT a pwer of the president?
    raising taxes
  20. When the president appoints federal judges, approval must be given by
    a majority vote from the Senate
  21. A presidential pardon requites the approval of
    none of the above
  22. In the executive branch today, there are
    thousands of people who assist the president.
  23. The Executive Office of the President was established
    in 1939
  24. Which of the following in NOT part of the Executive Office of the President?
  25. Executive departments
    can be established, reorganized, or eliminated by Congress
  26. Cabinet meetings are led by
    the president
  27. Foreign policy is the special responsibility of
    The Department of State
  28. The army, navvy, and air force are part of 
    The Department of Defense
  29. The Department of the Interiod
    Manages the country's natural resources
  30. The US Commission on Civil Rights is an example of a(n)
    independent agency.
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