WH midterm: Important dates and terms

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  1. Kush
    kingdom south of egypt- 750 B.C.- to 150 A.D. 
  2. Ghana 
    empire in west africa from 400 to 1235 A.D.. Its wealth was based on trade and agriculture. 
  3. Mali
    west african empire from 1235 to 1468 A.D. 
  4. Songhai empire 
    1468 to 1590 A.D., replaced the Mali empire 
  5. opium war
    1839-1842- a failed attempt by China to overthrow english rule in China 
  6. Boxer rebellion
    1900- China's attempt to rid China of all forigh control 
  7. Long March 
    the attempt by Chinese Communists to get away from their enemies (the Nationalists) during the Chinese Civil war in the 1930's 
  8. Liberation day
    may 4, 1949- when Chinese communists came into power 
  9. Great Leap Forward
    1958- Mao's attempt to increase agricultural and industrial output in China 
  10. Cultural Revolution
    1966-76- students sent by Mao Zedong across China to kill the enemies of Mao 
  11. Gorbachev
    lasy communist leader of the soviet union- 1985-1991
  12. Dr. Louis Leaky finds______ that are ______M years old
    Homo Habilis; 1.75
  13. Yohannes Hailie Salassie found_______ at ______M
    Kadaaba Man; 5.5 M 
  14. French soldiers find the Rosetta Stone
  15. Eygyptian advances in science and medicine
    • science- solar calendar, numbers leading to geometry for measuring fields 
    • medicine- used splints, surgeries, able to chekc heart rates
  16. 5 characteristics for a civilization
    • lived in cities
    • used metals
    • have a written language
    • formed governments
    • farming
  17. only way Egypt could have fall was through a
    civil war 
  18. Kush
    750 B.C. to 150 A.D. 
  19. Kush conquered Egypt and adopted Egyptian culture
    • 750 B.C.
    • relgion
    • writing 
    • architecture 
    • government 
  20. Assyrians won against Egypt with Iron
    630 B.C.
  21. Major Kush iron port
  22. Ghana
  23. Mali
  24. first king of mali
  25. Songhai
  26. imperialism
    the process by which a group of people defeat and rules another group of people
  27. Main reason for imperialism
    to make the inferiors EUROPEANS 
  28. Billionaire British expantionist
    Cecil Rhodes
  29. How did europeans imperialise nations?
    • technology- rifles, gatling gun
    • steamships- more and faster troops; trade
    • railroads
    • steelships 
    • traties
  30. quanine
    able to fight off malaria
  31. Suez Canal
  32. Panama Canal
  33. Houses in great Zimbwabe
    clay walls, thatched rooves, crown molding, had decortations from imports 
  34. What was the symbol of West african gold wealth?
    the elephant
  35. most important East African Trading City
  36. what was the aim for Cecil Rhodes?
    to rule from Cairo to Cape Town
  37. In what year Matabele uprising started?
  38. When did Rhodes die and where?
    1902; in Africa
  39. What to African nations were free?
    ethiopia and Liberia
  40. 1935
    Italy attacked Ethiopia and won; caused anger because Ehtiopia had won against them in the Battle of Adowa in 1896
  41. Kwame Nkrumah
    in charge of Ghana independence movement who envisioned to create the United States of china
  42. 1957
    Gold Coast receivestheir freedom
  43. Kenya's independene
  44. Great wall length
    5500 Miles Long
  45. How did one person gain wealh in the Qin province?
    excell in warfare 
  46. how to make terracotta warrior
    • clay is beaten for the base
    • after the base is created, clay is mixed with sand and body parts are made with this
    • used soldiers for models
    • dried
    • put in 2000F oven
    • after 10 days, is taken out
  47. Treaty of Nanjing 
    outcome of Opium War- 1842
  48. Taiping Rebellion
    • 1850-1864
    • wanted to share all China's wealth
    • noone would be in poverty 
  49. sphere of influence
    foothold from foreign nation 
  50. Sun Yixian
    • led the republic for China
    • nationalism; people's rights; economic security 
  51. Date for long March
  52. Aim for the 4 types of modernizations
    • agriculture
    • military
    • science
    • industry 
    • the key was the students 
  53. Chai Ling
    the supreme comadner of the student rebellions at Tianemmen square
  54. What are the negatives to Greece's geography?
    • never became an empire
    • created city-states
  55. Dali Lama
    the voice for the Tibet people against Chinese suppression 
  56. Qinghai-Tibet Railway
    • 16640 ft high- highest railway in the world 
    • purpose was to assimilate Tibe- furthur destroy Tibet
  57. Xi Jin-Ping
    leaders of China today 
  58. What was the Minoans downfall?
    natural disasters- earthquakes, volcanic erutions, tsunamis 
  59. What was the cause of the Trojan War?
    the Trojans put a tax on the Mycenaeans ships that tried to enter through the staight toward the Black Sea
  60. Mandate of Heaven
    there is only 1 heaven, so only 1 emporer 
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