Ecology Lab final

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  1. independant observation
    • each observation is not neccisarily connected
    • assupmtions are not supportive of claims
    • one can only correlate findings
  2. 3 main types of studies done in ecology
    • modeling
    • observational field study
  3. onbservations to be recorded at each site
    • weather
    • climate
    • time/time of year
    • subject
    • recorder
    • recent storm events
  4. on of three question the data from the cyptozoa experiment 
    how does the location of the transect (relative to sunlight exposure) effect yhr amount of organisms discovered under each tile
  5. why do birds funnel to hawk ridge
    • migratory pattern bring the to the shore of the great lakes
    • due to lack of thermals, they funnel south to the ridge and duluth
  6. 3 types of literture citations
    • primary
    • secondary¬†
    • tetiary
  7. riffles
    shallow, but more turbulent water
  8. pools
    deeper andd more smooth flow
  9. runs
    intermediate flow and depth
  10. metadata
    • description of data
    • how, where, when, etc...
  11. standard deviation
    Sqrt (sample varience)
  12. sample coefficient of variation
    (Standard deviation)/(samle mean)
  13. Sample variance
    Image Upload
  14. confidence intervals do no overlap
    refute null hypothesis
  15. comparison for statistical significance
  16. non-parametric
    entire sample distribution compared, but not with respect to specific parameters suchh as alpha or nu
  17. negative correlation
    A relationship between two variables in which one variable increases as the other decreases, and vice versa
  18. if a negative correlation, r is close to what value
  19. skewness
    • lack of symetry in data (no bell curve, or offset curve)
    • Image Upload
  20. meaure the spread of data besides range
    • varience
    • st deviation
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