Social Studies 5th Grade 3rd 6 weeks

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  1. Name other names for the Philadelphia Convention?
    • Constitutional Convention
    • Federal Convention
    • Great Philadelphia Convention
  2. When was the Philadelphia Convention held?

    Between May 14 and September 17
  3. What was the Philadelphia Convention held for?
    To solve the problems of government of the United States since our independence from Great Britain and under the Articles of Confederation.
  4. What did James Madison and Alexander Hamilton want to do with the Philadelphia Convention?
    Create a new government rather than "fix" the existing (current) one.
  5. Who presided (was in charge) of the Philadelphia Convention?
    Delegates or Representatives elected George Washington
  6. What was the result of the Philadelphia Convention?
    Creation of the Constitution of the United States of America
  7. Who is George Mason IV?
    "Father of the United States Bill of Rights" along with James Madison

    Anti-federalist and against a strong national government
  8. Who was James Madison?
    "Father of the Constitution"

    "Father of the United States Bill of Rights"

    4th President of the United States

  9. What are the three branches of the Government?  and Why?

    Legislative                                             Judicial

    So no one has too much power
  10. What is the Preamble to the Constitution?
    Establish Justice

    Insure domestic tranquility

    Provide for common defense

    Promote General Welfare
  11. What is the House of Representatives?
    write, study and pass bills to become laws (President must sign within 10 days)
  12. What if the President chooses to veto a law?
    To become law there must a vote with 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress for it to pass
  13. What is the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution?
    December 15, 1791

    If it is not the countries responsibility or against the law of the state then it is reserved to the states or to the people
  14. Who was Alexander Hamilton?
    First US Secretary of the Treasury 

    Picture on $10 bill 

    (one of only two non-presidents) who is on a dollar bill
  15. Who is Roger Sherman?
    Created the Great Compromise
  16. What is the Great Compromise?
    People represented by House of Representatives (number determined by size of state)

    States represented by Senate (2 per state)
  17. What was the American Revolutionary War?
    War of Independence of the United States 

    13 colonies fought against Great Britain

    Ended with Battle of Yorktown and signing of the Treaty of Paris
  18. What was the Louisiana Purchase?
    Sold by Napoleon to the US for 15 Million Dollars

    doubled the size of the US
  19. Fort McHenry
    Baltimore Maryland
  20. Who was Frances Scott Key?
    Wrote "The Star Spangled Banner" during the War of 1812
  21. What does ratify mean?
  22. What is checks and balances?
    Legislative branch (Congress) writes laws but President must sign

    No one part of the government has too much power
  23. What does the Legislative Branch of the Government do?
    Make or write laws

  24. What does the Judicial Branch of the Government do?
    Interpret Laws

    Supreme Court
  25. What does the Executive Branch of the Government do?
    President approves and Signs bills to become laws
  26. What does "federal" mean?
    National government (United States)
  27. What does the Bill of Rights do?
    Guarantees freedoms by placing limits on the government
  28. What is the Preamble to the US Constitution?
    Introduction and states the goals of the Constitution
  29. What does Amendment mean?
    Addition or changes to the Constitution
  30. What does Veto mean?
    Refuse to sign into law

    Only done by President
  31. How many amendments are in the Bill of Rights?
    10 Amendments
  32. What is in the 1st Amendment?
    Freedom of religion, speech and assembly (gathering)
  33. What are reserved powers?
    Powers given to the state governments 
  34. What is Concurrent Powers?
    Powers shared by national government and state government (US and Texas)
  35. What is the 4th amendment?

    [Bill of Rights]
    Guards (protects) against search and seizures (taking something or someone)
  36. [Bill of Rights]
    Freedom of press (write what you want)
  37. Which amendment to the Constitution gives powers to the states?
    Tenth Amendment
  38. What is the 6th Amendment?  "Due Process" 

    [Bill of Rights]
    • 1.  Should get a speedy and public trial
    • 2.  Impartial (fair) jury
    • 3.  May have a lawyer
    • 4.  Can't be tried twice for same crime
  39. What do the first 10 amendments have in the Constitution?
    list rights that belong to all Americans and citizens of the US
  40. What does indispensable mean?
    absolutely needed
  41. Who is in the electoral college?
    People chosen by each state who vote for President and Vice President
  42. How many people of the electoral college voted for George Washington?
    All of them
  43. Who was George Washington?
    First President
  44. Who was the first Vice President?
    John Adams
  45. What is the inauguration?
    Ceremony where the President is swears loyalty to Constitution and takes office
  46. What does DC mean?
    District of Columbia
  47. What was the frontier?
    Edge of the settlement
  48. Two political parties were formed...
    Jefferson - Democratic Republicans

    Hamilton - Federalist
  49. Wilderness Road
    1775, Daniel Boone created this trail from Virginial to Kentucky
  50. Who were Lewis and Clark
    Explorers looking for:

    1.  Water to the Pacific

    2.  Relationships (Friends) with Native Americans (Indians)

  51. Which tribe did Sacagawea belong to?

    How did she help Lewis and Clark

    translater and guide
  52. Power only National Government has?
    make currency (money)
  53. What was Shay's Rebellion?
    led to the writing of the US Constitution
  54. Who was Benjamin Franklin?
    believed we should become an independent nation with a constitution
  55. What are the first 10 amendments of the Constitution called?
    Bill of Rights
  56. When an amendment is added what must the states do?
  57. Where are these documents displayed? and how?
    National Archives Building where they put them down underground for large portions of the day to protect from the sunlight
  58. What is migrate?
    move to another place
  59. What is an immigrant?
    Someone who comes from another country
  60. What does coastal mean?
    Near water
  61. What is the 15th Amendment?
    All men (regardless of race) have the right to vote
  62. What is the 19th Amendment
    Women have the right to vote
  63. What is the 23rd Amendment?
    People of DC have the right to vote
  64. What is the 26th Amendment?
    18 year olds can vote
  65. How many goals are in the Preamble?
  66. How many amendmentsare there in the constitution?
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