rtvf 15 ch 12 and 14

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  1. Nielson Television Index
    represents entire US with 5,100 homes, installs people meter
  2. Nielson Station Index
    divides country into 200 markets, sample sizes range from 1,000-2,000, stores instantaneous audimeters, diaries sent weekly, replaced in 2002 with local people meters
  3. households using television
    number of homes with a television set on
  4. rating
    percentage of all tv households watching a program
  5. share
    total number of homes watching a program divided by the total number of homes watching tv
  6. Arbitron
    provides ratings of local radio stations and network radio listening, Draws sample by random sampling phone numbers compiled by market research. If listeners agree to participate, they receive envelopes, diary, instructions and about a dollar, Completed diary sent back to Arbitron 
  7. Telephone Recall Method:
    Placing calls at different times during the day to homes selected at random from phone directories
  8. Telephone Coincidental Method
    Respondents asked if they were listening to radio at the time of the call; if answer was yes, asked to name the program/station
  9. Cumulative audience (CUME)
    estimate of the total number of different listeners who listen to a given station at least once during the given time period
  10. Average quarter-hour persons
    estimates the average number of persons who are listening to a station within a 15 minute period.
  11. periodically audits Nielsen’s system to inspect
    their methods and reports
    Media Ratings Council (MRC) 
  12. paternalistic
    government or agency in charge of media
  13. permissive
    broadcasters are free to do as they please
  14. authoritarian
    government controls media with specific objectives in mind
  15. ownership models:
    government agency, government-chartered corporation, private ownership
  16. United Kingdom
    started as monopoly public service now duopoly, highbrow programming, commercial television network supported through ads, BBC gets money from ads
  17. People's Republic of China
    communist party, commercials are auctioned, party control committee has ultimate control, goals: publicize party, educate people, form link with gov and people
  18. Canada
    CBC, mix of US and British, duopoly: CBC owned by the Federal Government, mixture of owned stations and affiliates, Commercial channels privately owned CBC revenue: 70% from government; 30% from ad revenue, quotas to protect identity from US
  19. Kenya
    one party nation, 3rd world=development, KBC then Ministry of Information and Broadcasting then they made KBC to educate, inform, and entertain Kenyans, tv has one state-run network and many private ones, grants from gov, money from ads is given to treasury
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