Nick's Vocab Midterm

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  1. heresy
    • 1)Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (esp. Christian) doctrine
    • 2)Opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted. "cutting capital gains taxes is heresy".

    example:  If you were to say that Jesus is not the son of God in a Christian Church.
  2. docile
    • 1)willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed; "the docile masses of an enslaved nation"
    • 2)easily handled or managed; "a gentle old horse, docile and obedient"
    • 3)ready and willing to be taught; "docile pupils eager for instruction"; "teachable youngsters"
  3. anathema
    a detested person; "he is an anathema to me"
  4. banter
    teasing, playful conversation
  5. castigate
    punish or criticize severely
  6. gauche
    lacking in social manners
  7. ignomy
    public shame or discrace
  8. motley
    made up of many colors
  9. emaciated
    very skinny, wasted away
  10. avarice
    greed for money or gold
  11. furtive
    stealth, secretive
  12. bacchanalia
    drunken, wild party
  13. copious
    many, numerous
  14. irascible
    easily angered
  15. mercenary
    paid soldier
  16. bastion
    stronghold, defense
  17. jettison
    throw overboard, discard
  18. ostracize
    to banish or remove from a group
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