SS Chapter 6

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  1. The religion of Jewish people is:
  2. Judaism was the first religion based on ______________, the concept of one God, who set down moral ________ for humanity.
    monotheism, laws
  3. The story of ancient Hebrews is told in the __________.
  4. The Bible says that God made a _____________, or a special agreement, with Abram.
  5. ___________ is another word for "disaster."
  6. The Israelites' mass departure from Egypt to escape slavery is known as the __________ .
  7. The set of laws for responsible behavior given to Moses by God is called the ________ ______________ .
    Ten Commandments
  8. A region can also be called a ____________ .
  9. Short sayings that express a truth about life is called a ____________ .
  10. People who are believed to receive messages from God are called _____________ .
  11. ____________ was the son of King David and became King after his reign.  He built the temple in Jerusalem to worhip God. He made Israel's economy very strong.
  12. __________  was a strong king of Israelites who defeated the Philistines. He established Jerusalem as the new capital of the kingdom of Israel.
  13. ________ was a respected tribal judge who was asked by the Israelites to appoint a king to govern their nation. He did not agree with choosing a king, but reluctantly chose Saul.
  14. __________ was the son of Jacob. Jacob gave him a beautiful, multi-colored robe. He followed Abraham's religion which worshiped only one God. He became a trusted advisor of the pharaoh.
  15. ___________ was the son of King Solomon. His refusal to reduce taxes and forced labor made him very unpopular. The northern tribes rebelled, causing the kingdom of Israel to split into two parts.
  16. What was the major difference between the religion of ancient Hebrews and other religions of that time?
    The religion of ancient Hebrews, or Judaism, was based on monotheism. They believed in only ONE God. Other religions believed in many gods.
  17. Where were the Israelites at the time of Moses' birth?
    They were slaves in Egypt.
  18. Who built the first temple in Jerusalem?
  19. What caused the people of the northern Israelite tribes to rebel against Rehomboam?
    The northern tribes wanted him to end taxes and forced labor. He refused and promised them treatment harsher than his father's.
  20. What did the Exodus mean for the Israelites?
    Exodus meant an escape from slavery in Egypt. But, they wandered for 40 years, facing shortages of water and food.
  21. Why are 10 of the original tribes of Israel called the "lost tribes?"
    After the Assyrian invasion, the Israelites were forced from Canaan and became known as "the ten lost tribes of Israel."
  22. What two things did the Assyrians do to control territories they conquered?
    • 1. They forced many of the conquered people to leave their land.
    • 2. They moved Assyrians into the conquered area.
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