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  1. List our vegetarian sauces
    • 1) Ranchero
    • 2) Tomatillo
    • 3) Deluxe tomatillo
    • 4) Boom Boom
  2. What makes out salsa Fresca spicy?
    Serrano peppers
  3. What kind of peppers is used in our chile rellenos?
    Fresh Anaheim peppers
  4. What is not in steak burrito that is in all other burritos?
    No beans Inside
  5. How many flautas are in an order? What kind of sauce are they served with?
    Six 4 inch flautas serve with chipotle sauce
  6. What is battered with lays potato chips?
    Elvis Fried Chicken
  7. What is the difference between a condiment plate for fajitas for one and fajitas for two?
    Fajita for two comes with 2 scoops of guacamole
  8. Describe the chuy's special?
    New Mexican recipe. Homemade blue corn tortillas stacked with freshly roasted hand pull chicken, cheese, tomatillo sauce and sour cream.
  9. Name 4 plates served with green chile rice
    • 1) Steak Burrito
    • 2) Baja tacos
    • 3) Elvis Fried Chicken
    • 4) Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom
  10. Which plates come with Jack cheese instead of mixed cheese?
    • 1) Chuychanga
    • 2) Steak Burrito
    • 3) Chese chile rellenos
    • 4) Chicken Chile rellenos
    • 5) Shrimp Chile Rellenos
    • 6) Chuys special
    • 7) Chicka- Chicka Boom- Boom enchiladas
    • 8) Deluxe chicken enchiladas
    • 9) Southwestern enchiladas
  11. Name the only dish served with charro beans.
    Steak burrito
  12. Are any of the rice and beans at chuy's made with lard of any kind?
  13. Witch nachos are served with guacamole? Which one are served with tomatoes?
    • With guacamole:
    • Special nachos
    • Panchos

    • With Tomatoes
    • nachos
  14. What 9 items on the menu comes with sour cream automatically?
    • 1) Chile Rechenos
    • 2) Chuy Gooey
    • 3) Quesadillas
    • 4) Appetizer Plate
    • 5) Fajitas
    • 6) Chuychanga
    • 7) Flautas
    • 8) Chuy's Special enchiladas
    • 9) Elvis Presley Memorial Combo
  15. What is the Tex Mex Salad Combo?
    Large Dinner Salad with a choice of a relleno, an enchilada, a taco, a mini burrito or half order of quesadillas.
  16. What 3 enchiladas are served on blue corn tortillas?
    • 1) Chuy's Special
    • 2) Southwestern Enchiladas
    • 3) Veggie Enchiladas
  17. Which enchiladas are served with onions on top?
    1) Classic Tex Mex
  18. How many nachos come in a half order
    4 nachos
  19. Name 2 combo plates not serve with rice or beans?
    • 1) Lite Plate
    • 2) Chicken Combo
  20. Which Taco plates come come served with 3 tacos? Which with 2?
    • 3 tacos:
    • Crispy tacos

    • 2 tacos
    • Soft tacos
    • Half order of crispy tacos
  21. What 3 milks are used to make the tres leches cake?
    • 1) Evaporated milk
    • 2) Condensed Sweetened Mi
    • 3) Heavy Cream
  22. Name the enchilada served with with an egg?
    Southwestern Enchiladas
  23. What is a chuychanga? What do you need to ask when is ordered?
    12" flour torilla, filled with chicken,jack cheese,green chilles,green onion and cilantro, rolled and lightly fried serven on bed of customer chioce sauce with drizzle of sour cream on top and rice and refried beans.
  24. What is inside a chicken burrito?
    Roasted chicken, beans and rice
  25. Describe Mexi Cobb Salad
    Rows of diced fajita chicken, diced tomatoes, green chiles, diced avocatoes,blended cheese and jack cheese laid over a bed of sald mix. 
  26. what dressings do we offer?
    • 1.)Cilantro Vinaigrette
    • 2) Ranch
    • 3) Creamy Jalapeno
    • 4) Honey Mustard
  27. What is the taco salad serve in? what comes on top?
    • 3 kinds, Fajita Beef, Fajita chicken and Guacamole
    • serve in large flour tortilla fried in the shape of a bowl
    • filled with salad mix
    • dice tomatoes, jack cheese and a scoop of guacamole
    • choice of steak,chicken or two more scoops of guacamole
  28. Describe carbon tacos
    Two flour torillas filled with Fajita beef or chicken, green chilles and grilled onios

    rice and beans
  29. Describe a steak burrito
    • Steak Burrito
    • 12" Flour Tortilla stuffed with beef fajita meat
    • Hatch Green Chile sauce and jack cheese
    • served with green chile rice and charro beans
  30. what comes on a crispy taco plate?
    Fried corn tortillas filled with line beef, lettuce,tomatoes and mixed cheese serve 3 to an order with rice and beans

    half: two tacos
  31. What comes on a fajita condiment plate?
    • Shreedded Lettuce
    • scoop of guacamole
    • scoop of sour cream
    • pico de gallo
    • Mix cheese
  32. What types of rellenos do we serve?
    Cheese:stuffed with Jack cheese, ranchero sauce,sour cream

    beef: stuffed with ground sirloin, ranchero sauce,sour cream

    Chicken stuffed ck,jack cheese,green chiles,green onions,cilantro,served with deluxe tomatillo and pico.

    shrimp: stuffed srh, jack cheese,green onions,cilantro and lime juice. deluxe tomatillo and pico
  33. is our queso vegetarian?
    A creamy mixture of extra melt cheese, green chile sauce and ranchero sauce.

    No vegetarain because our green chile sauce: chicken stock 
  34. What comes inside of the deluxe chicken quesadillas?
    Fajita chicken added or beef
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